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Fiat Ducato dimensions

Knowing the size of your van is very important which is why this guide to the Fiat Ducato dimensions is here to answer all your size questions. Whether you want to know the Fiat Ducato height, the Fiat Ducato's length or the width of the Fiat Ducato, you've come to the right place.

It's a hugely popular van that has become a bedrock of the motorhome trade. That's due to it's hefty weight carrying capacity, but also because of its dimensions. The size of the Fiat Ducato is obviously very important to converters, but it's also important to know how big it is if you are driving one, or need to load a particular item into the rear loadspace.

This guide is specifically about the third generation Fiat Ducato's dimensions. That's to say it's for the van that was launched in 2007 and has been on sale ever since. It's built as the Sevel Sud van plant in Atessa and as such it shares its platform and size with the Peugeot Boxer and Citroen Relay. In later life, Vauxhall also took on the chassis as the Vauxhall Movano, from 2021 onwards.

Amongst the most popular questions people ask the Fiat Ducato and its dimensions are:

What is the Fiat Ducato length in meters?

The Fiat Ducato length is 4.96m for the smallest van and 6.36m for the largest model. The Ducato actually has four total body lengths from L1 to L4, but the largest of the four vans is also sometimes referred to as the Ducato Maxi. It is an L4 and therfore an extra-long-wheelbase (XLWB) van.

What are the Fiat Ducato Maxi dimensions?

The Fiat Ducato Maxi is another name for the extra-long-wheelbase or L4 size van. The Ducato Maxi has an overall length of 6363mm and is available in two heights of 2522mm (H2) or 2760mm (H3). Its width is 2050mm.

Can you stand up in a Fiat Ducato?

Yes. You can easily stand in the back of a Fiat Ducato although the lower roof height model might mean you have to stoop slightly. That's because the overall internal height of the loadspace range from 1,662mm (L1) up to 2172mm (L3). The average height of a UK male adult is actually 178cm (that's 5ft 10in), so most people will easily be able to stand in the back of the Ducato.

Fiat Ducato dimensions overview

The Fiat Ducato has a dizzying array of sizes to choose from. The comprehensive size line-up means you can get everything from a short-wheelbase, low-roof van to an extra-long-wheelbase in high roof. It's amongst the widest choice of van sizes on offer, comparable with that of the Ford Transit and Mercedes-Benz Sprinter.

There are four lengths (L) as well as three roof heights (H) and Fiat labels them accordingly. The smallest Ducato van is therfore a L1H1, while the biggest Ducato van is a L4H3 model.

Load volumes range from 8m3 up to as much as 17m3.

Fiat Ducato dimensions - length

What is the length of the Fiat Ducato?

The Fiat Ducato is available in four lengths with L1, L2, L3 and L4 variants.
The Ducato L1 is 4962mm long, the Ducato L2 is 5413mm, Ducato L3 is 5998mm and Ducato L4 is 6363mm. These are the overall bumper to bumper measurements.
It's also worth nothing that there are also only three wheelbase lengths, despite there being four overall lenghts to the Ducato. The L1 has a 3000mm wheelbase, the L2 has a 3120mm wheelbase and the L3 and L4 models share a 4035mm wheelbase. The L4 van gets an extended rear overhang of 1380mm, whereas the L3 has a 1015mm overhang.

What is the internal loadspace lenght of the Fiat Ducato?

The Ducato L1 has a 2670mm load length. The Ducato L2 has a 3120mm load length. The Ducato L3 has a 3705mm maximum load lenght, and due to the additional overhang the Ducato L4 (also called the Ducato Maxi) has a 4070mm maximum load length.

Fiat Ducato dimensions - height

What is the height of the Fiat Ducato?

The Fiat Ducato is available in three seperate roof heights with the L1 van measuring 2254mm, the L2 van being 2522mm high and the highest L3 Ducato measuring 2760mm. This is the overall height of the van from the ground to the very top of the van. That makes it the important one to know if you need to go under any height restricted obstructions.

What is the internal loadspace height of the Fiat Ducato?

The internal cargo heights for the Fiat Ducato start at 1662mm for the H1 low-roof van. The standard height H2 Duato has a height of 1932mm, while the very tallest H3 Ducato is 2172mm. These are the maximum available internal heights for the van from the load area floor to the ceiling of the van.

Fiat Ducato dimensions - width

What is the width of the Fiat Ducato?

The overall width of the Fiat Ducato is very straight forward as there is only one size. At its widest point the Ducato is 2050mm - this excludes any wing mirrors.

What is the internal loadspace width of the Fiat Ducato?

The internal cargo area width of the Ducato is 1870mm at its widest point. The Ducato width between the wheelarches is 1422mm.

Door sizes and openings

The side loading access door for the Ducato varies depending on the size of the van. That's because the wheelbase length of the models increases allowing them to get larger opening apetures. The short wheelbase (L1) van has has a side load door width of 1075mm. For the L2, L3 and L4 models this is increased to 1250mm. That means that with the wider door, the Ducato is capable of having a Euro pallet and a full-sized metric pallet loaded through its side door.

The side loading door height is 1755mm for all models.

The rear doors have an opening apeture of 1562mm wide on all Ducato models wide across the van models while the low roof (H1) vans has an overall height of 1520mm, the H2 vans is 1790mm and the high roof has a total rear door height of 2030mm.

Loading heights

Not to be confused with the internal loading height from above, the loading heights are actually the measurement from the floor to the loadspace floor of the van. In other words, it's the height you'll have to lift anything up to to get it into the van. The Fiat Ducato loading height for L1 and L2 vans is 535mm and it increases to 550mm for the L3 and L4 models.

Updated: February 18, 2024
Written by: thevanreviewer

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