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What tax do I have to pay on a pick-up truck?

Explaining the road tax, BIK company car tax changes and liabilites you pay when owning a pick-up truck in the UK

The A-Z guide of the different and most common types of van

Vans come in all sorts of shapes and sizes so here is a simple glossary of terms used in the van industry to describe common types of vans

Need to know facts about buying a used van at an auction

Buying a cheap used van at auction can be exciting, but it's also pretty stressful for the unfamiliar. We give you our advice

Everything you need to know about a Luton van

Luton vans are all built in Luton, but this guide will tell you all you need to know about Luton van dimensions, weights and types

Tachograph for vans: Do you need one?

Driving a large van with a tacho? You may be wondering if you need a tachograph for driving vans as well as 7.5-tonne trucks

Towing Guide: The best van for towing

Key factors to consider when selecting the best van for towing, along with towing weight, safety and recommendations

Should I hire, lease or buy a van?

Of the different ways to pay for a van, what is the best and should you hire or lease or buy the van outright?

How much is my van road tax?

How much is the tax on a van? Find out how much you have to pay to tax a van and what other taxes and costs they have

What does Euro 7 mean for vans and pick-ups?

Find out more about the upcoming Euro 7 emissions regulations and what it will mean when it comes to buying your next van?

Best small electric vans 2022

What are the best small electric vans 2022 has to offer? There's plenty of choice buy the our choice might surprise you

I need some advice about a van... Oh my, if we had £1 for every time someone said this to us we'd have at least a tenner. Maybe more.

Actually, you've come to the right place for some good, practical (dare we even say sensible) van advice.

How fast can I drive in my van? How much weight can my van carry? How many feathers, gold bars or cattle can fit in my van? We'll try to answer those questions for you here. There's van regulations on driving, van rules on weight, van facts on size. Van Reviewer is the only place to come to for sensible van advice.

Van Dimensions

A closer look at the height, length and width of popular vans - here are the most recent, but click the Van Dimensions tab for our full list to guides
Fiat Ducato dimensions

Knowing the size of your van is very important which is why this guide to the Fiat Ducato dimensions is here to answer all your size questions. Whether you want to know the Fiat Ducato height, the Fiat Ducato's length or the width of the Fiat Ducato, you've come to the right place. It's a […]

Ford Transit Connect dimensions

You're here to find out the Ford Transit Connect dimensions and you've made a good choice because the small Transit is one of the best little vans on the market. Before you get started, this is an article on the dimensions for the Transit Connect that is built by Ford. If you don't know what […]

Fiat e-Doblo dimensions

The Fiat e-Doblo Cargo is a compact city van that is built on the shared Stellantis small van platform, but the E-Doblo is a van with plenty of space. Keep reading to find out the Fiat e-Doblo's length, height and width as well as details of its loadspace and the Fiat e-Doblo's load volume. The […]

Renault Master dimensions

The Renault Master is one of the most popular models in all of Europe for large vans, which is why it is important to know the Renault Master dimensions to make sure it is the right job for your work. The van stands tall as a reliable workhorse, one of the key factors that contribute […]

Vauxhall Vivaro dimensions

As one of the most popular vans in the UK, it's no wonder you're interested in finding out the Vauxhall Vivaro dimensions. So, what are the Vauxhall Vivaro dimensions? What are the internal dimensions of a Vivaro van and what length is the Vivaro? These are just some of the most common questions asked about […]

Maxus eDeliver 3 dimensions

How big is the Maxus eDeliver 3 and what are the Maxus eDeliver 3 dimensions? That's what you're hear to find out, so that's what we'll try to tell you. The eDeliver 3 is a small to medium-sized van built by Chinese manufacturer SAIC Maxus. It's available in the UK with just one body size, […]

Citroën Berlingo dimensions

In the realm of practical and reliable commercial vehicles, the Citroën Berlingo Van stands out as a versatile option. With its spacious interior and well-designed exterior, this van offers an optimal balance between functionality and convenience. In this article, we will delve into the precise dimensions of the 2023 Citroën Berlingo Van, highlighting its width, […]

Fiat Scudo dimensions

The Fiat Scudo and Fiat E-Scudo are mid-sized vans from Fiat Professional that share a platform with other mid-sized vans from the Stellantis family, all of which share the Fiat Scudo's dimensions. This is a guide to the various sizes of the Fiat Scudo including the load are dimensions and those of the overal length, […]

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter dimensions

What are the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter dimensions? What are the internal dimensions of a Sprinter van and what length is the Sprinter? These are all really common questions about the Merc Sprinter and you’ve come here because you want to know something about the size and dimensions of the Mercedes Sprinter van. The Sprinter is one […]

Mercedes-Benz Citan dimensions

You’ve come here looking for the Mercedes-Benz Citan dimensions so we’re guessing you need to know the Citan’s height, width or length. This helpful size guide will tell you everything you need to know about the Mercedes Citan and its dimensions. The Mercedes Citan is a compact city van that shares its platform with the […]

Van Payloads

Want to know how much your van can legally carry? Click the Van Payloads tab for our full list of guides
Citroen Berlingo payload

The Citroen Berlingo van is a reliable and versatile vehicle that caters to the transportation needs of businesses and individuals alike. Among its many appealing features, the payload capacity of the Berlingo stands out as a significant consideration. In this article, we will explore the payload capabilities of the Citroen Berlingo van, including the various […]

Ford Transit payload

What’s the Ford Transit payload? How much weight can my Ford Transit carry? What’s the Ford Transit capacity? These are all essentially the same question that you want to know about and you’ve found the right place to get your answers on van payloads. Take a look at our Ford Transit payload guide to find […]

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Find out all the payload capabilities of the latest vans here

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