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Maxus E Deliver 7

Maxus is to follow up its range of electric models with a new Maxus eDeliver 7. Here's what we know.

The Maxus eDeliver 7 will bridge the gap between a new mid-sized van, that will sit above the Maxus eDeliver 3 in size, and the Maxus eDeliver 9. The new mid-sized van is likely to be called the Maxus eDeliver 5.

The eDeliver 5 will be of a similar size to current medium-sized vans like the Renault Trafic. It gets a dual-passenger seat, and is larger than eDeliver 3 with a loadspace of more than 6m3 up to 8m3. It will be based on the MILA medium-sized all-electric platform from SAIC. eDeliver 5 and eDeliver 7 will both have a 74kW battery with two wheelbase lengths as well as the option of a chassis cab.

What me know about the Maxus eDeliver 7

The eDeliver 7 will then be positioned above the new mid-sized van in the range, but sit below the Maxus eDeliver 9. The Maxus eDeliver 7 will have a loadspace capacity of between 7.2m3 to 9.8m3.

It will have power outputs of 76kW or 88kW and be available as a L1 or L2 (standard or long wheelbase) van with H1 and H2 roof heights. It will be available at two different gross vehicle weights (GVW) of 3-tonnes and 3.2-tonnes.

Payload for the Maxus eDeliver 7 is from 1025kg up to 1200kg.

There is also a passenger variant of a similar size to the Maxus eDeliver 7 called the V70, which is not coming to the UK.

Going forward, all new Maxus van development will be for electric vans only. The Deliver 9 is likely to end as a diesel model by 2025. This is due to the Euro-7 legislation that has yet to be finalised. Going forward, it will continue as the electric only eDeliver 9.

The eDeliver 9 is the bigger seller of the two models currently on sale. It sells roughly six in ten, with eDeliver 3 making up the rest of sales. However just 36% of eDeliver 9 sales are currently for the electric model. Maxus, however, expects the electric version to become the more popular van within the coming months as supply problems are eased.

The Chinese factory has been prioritising European deliveries which has seen the lead time drop to around 20 weeks.

Other Maxus models in the pipeline

In addition, Maxus will also use their HILA heavy duty platform for the base for a new heavy truck tractor unit.  The heavy vehicles which include a new 7.5-tonne light truck which will be sold through its dealers with experience in heavy goods vehicles. Customers are expected to be in home delivery and construction markets.

Harris Maxus UK hope to reach around 60 dealers to supply their light commercial vehicles and pick-up truck models. This follows the launch of the Maxus T90 EV the first electrified pick-up truck to go on sale in the UK. Maxus received more than 1000 orders when the order books opened in April 2022. There’s just one trim level for the T90 EV, and it is currently only a 4x2. The payload has increased to more than one tonne since its reveal, and its 1.5-tonne towing capacity has been confirmed. There will be a 4x4 four wheel drive Maxus T90 EV in Q3 2024.

Finally, a hydrogen powertrain for the eDeliver 9 could be possible. But with a lack of infrastructure in Europe it looks unlikely that a hydrogen powered van will come any time soon. Hydrogen large vans from Maxus are on the market in China.

Vehicle TypeLength (mm)Width (mm)Height (mm)Weight (CVW)Payload (kg)
eDELIVER 7 - L1H1 Cargo Van (77kWh)49982030199023001200
eDELIVER 7 - L1H1 Cargo Van (88kWh)49982030199023751125
eDELIVER 7 - L2H1 Cargo Van (77kWh)53642030199023651135
eDELIVER 7 - L2H1 Cargo Van (88kWh)53642030199024451055
eDELIVER 7 - L2H2 Cargo Van (88kWh)53642030239024751025

Maxus eDeliver 7

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Loadspace Length Max: - mm
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First Published: April 30, 2022
Last Modified: September 26, 2023  
Written by: thevanreviewer

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