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Ford Transit Custom dimensions

What is the Ford Transit Custom height, how long is the Transit Custom and how wide is Britain’s most popular van, these are all questions you will get answered in our Ford Transit Custom dimensions guide.

You’re hear because you want to know about the Ford Transit Custom measurements and you probably need to know in a rush because maybe you’re moving something really big and want to know if the mid-sized Transit Custom can fit it all in? Maybe you’re wondering if the Transit Custom will fit under a 2m car park height restriction? Or maybe you’ve seen a van for sale and want to know about all the Ford Transit Custom dimensions. You’ve come to the right place, but if you’re in a rush, scroll down to the heading that interests you most.

The most commonly asked question about the Ford Transit Custom dimensions is:

Is the Transit Custom smaller than a Transit?

Yes. While they share the part of the same same, the Transit Custom is the medium sized van, while the Transit is the large van. There's also a Transit Connect small van and an even smaller Transit Courier.

What is the difference between the L1 and L2 Transit Custom?

The L signifies the body length of the Transit Custom van. The L1 is smaller than the L2 with a difference of 367mm between the overall length of the two vans.

How wide is a Ford Transit Custom?

A Ford Transit Custom is 1.98m wide across its body work. If you include the mirrors folded in it is 2.08m and with the mirrors folded out the Transit Custom is 2.27m wide.

The dimensions of the Ford Transit Custom are pretty simple to understand one you know that there are two lengths and two different roof heights. Ford calls these L1 and L2 for the length and H1 and H2 for the height. L1 is a standard length, while L2 is a long-wheelbase. H1 is a low/standard height roof, with H2 being the slightly awkward looking high roof van.

Take a look at the headings in the table below to see what we mean about the name used for the Ford Transit Custom dimensions. Just so you know, the information below relates to the Ford Transit Custom van which was launched in 2012. The figures are specifically for model that is currently on sale. Older vans are broadly the same with a few mm difference in some areas.

Ford Transit Custom table with the dimensions of the van

The Ford Transit Custom ranges from just under 5m in length to over 5.3m. The Transit Custom height varies from exactly 2m to just under 2.4m. That means a standard Ford Transit Custom can (in theory) fit underneath a 2m height restriction. The Transit Custom will therefore fit in most underground car parks.

If you're looking for the dimensions of the slightly larger Ford Transit you can find them in our comprehensive guide to Ford Transit dimensions

Ford Transit Custom with body length measurements

Ford Transit Custom Dimensions - Height

How high is a Ford Transit Custom?

One thing that people frequently need to know about their van is its height in metres. The Ford Transit Custom has a height of 2m as standard. The high roof Transit Custom has a 2.37m height. More accurately, that's 2000mm for the standard Transit Custom and 2366mm for the high roof.

However, if you look at the table above you’ll notice that Ford has quoted a range for the overall height of the van. The asterisk relates to the laden and unladen weight of the van, so a fully laden L1H1 Transit Custom van will have a total height of 1925mm, while an unladen van will be 2000mm. The longer L2H1 van, despite in theory having the same height is actually fractionally lower at 1922mm laden and 1979mm unladen. Most likely due to the slight increase in the kerbweight of the van.
The high roof vans are 37cm taller but are also quoted with a range of figures. A L1H2 van has a height of 2286mm fully laden and 2366mm unlande. The L2H2 Transit Custom is the biggest model in the range, it’s height is 2285mm with a full load, and 2343mm unladen.
These are all very exact measurements, and while we’d love to think they’re spot on we advise caution. Not least because these figures could be slightly higher in older vans but also because there’s a number of variables. The type of tyres you have can increase the height, the load in the back certain does as Ford has taken that into account, but there’s one massive factor when it comes to height restrictions – do you trust that the car park has been measured properly!
All too often height restrictions found at open air car parks are wrong too. Look out for them sagging in the middle. This is often due to some local scallywag hanging off them to show just how many pull-ups they can do, or climbing on top and celebrating like they’re on the goal and they’ve won the cup final at Wembley.

Transit Custom internal loadspace height

What is the inside height of the Ford Transit Custom?

The Ford Transit Custom loadspace height is different to the overall height because this is the space within the cargo area of the van. The important measurements for the Transit Custom loadspace height are 1406mm for the H1 van and 1778mm for the H2 van.

In the table above, Ford refer to these numbers as Load floor to roof height. This is the maximum height of items stacked off the loadspace floor.

Ford Transit Custom dimensions - Width

How wide is the Ford Transit Custom?

The width of the Ford Transit Custom is 1986mm. That’s the van at it’s widest point, but Ford also gives dimensions for its vans with the mirrors.
With the mirrors folded out, the Ford Transit Custom is 2772mm wide, with the mirrors folded in the van is 2080mm.

Not often, but sometimes you’ll need to know the width of a van. Maybe you’re worried about a width restricted road. Or there’s a parking space size or maximum width for the ferry crossing. The width of the metalwork is 1986mm. That's actually slimmer than a Ranger Rover Discovery - so you should be able to get down most narrow roads with ease.

Transit Custom internal loadspace width

What's the inside width of the Ford Transit Custom?

The maximum loadspace width of the Ford Transit Custom van is 1775mm. This is the same width measurement for all types of Transit Custom.

Ford Transit Custom dimensions - Length

How long is a Ford Transit Custom?

The Ford Transit Custom comes in two sizes. The biggest L2 long-wheelbase Transit Custom is 5340mm long. The standard size L1 Transit Custom van has a length of 4973mm.

Transit Custom internal loadspace length

What is the inside length of the Ford Transit Custom?

The Ford Transit Custom is a versatile van with two differing loadspace lengths. The L1 Transit Custom has an inside length of 2554mm. The L2 Transit Custom has a loadspace length of 2921mm. These are the measurements from the back doors to the bulkhead.

The Ford Transit Custom also has the option of a load-through bulkhead. This allows items like wood batons or lengths of pipe to be more easily transported. A hatch in the bulkhead allows you to use space under the front seats to carry slightly longer items. This takes the total maximum loadspace length of the Transit Custom to 3037mm for the L1 van and 3404mm for the L2 van. The loadspace bulkhead increases the Ford Transit Custom’s length carrying capacity by around 48cm.

Ford Transit Custom with cubic capacity and roof height shape

Ford Transit Custom loadspace volumes

What's the volume of a Transit Custom?

The Ford Transit Custom has a range of 6 cubic metres (6m3) to 8.3 cubic metres (8.3m3)

The other important measurement aside from the millimetre space of the van is just how much volume it can take.

H1L2 Ford Transit Custom van has a 6m3 volume

L1H2 Ford Transit Custom van has a 7.2m3 volume

L2H1 Ford Transit Custom van has a 6.8m3 volume

L2H2 Ford Transit Custom van has a 8.3m3 volume

Ford Transit width between the wheel arches

We’ve already covered the Ford Transit Custom dimensions for its width but that doesn’t take into account that the wheels intrude into the loadspace a bit.

Technically the van’s maximum width is 1775mm but if you are moving something bulky or on a pallet, the important dimension is the width between the wheelarches. The dimensions for the Ford Transit Custom loadspace between its wheelarches is 1351mm.

For your information, the size of a standard UK pallet is 1200mm x 1000mm.

Euro pallets are slightly smaller than British pallets and measure 1200 x 800mm.

Both types of pallet will comfortable fit between the wheelarches of the Ford Transit Custom.

You can comfortable fit three Euro pallets in the short-wheelbase vans and three in the long-wheelbase model.

Ford Transit Custom from above with pallet storage capacity
Updated: August 1, 2022
Written by: thevanreviewer

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