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Overall Rating: TBC/10

Maxus has launched their latest electric van called the Maxus eDeliver 5.

The medium van will look to fill the gap in the Maxus product range betwen the Maxus eDeliver 3 and the Maxus eDeliver 7.

Maxus eDeliver 5 – model spec

  • Battery pack capacity: 64kWh 
  • Range: 208 miles (335km) WLTP combined, or 300 miles (489km) Urban / City range 
  • Payload* 1200kg
  • Cargo volume – cubic capacity 6.6m3 / 7.6m3
  • Peak power 120kW 
  • Peak Torque 240Nm
  • Adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning and lane keep asistance, 3600 surrounding camera and rear sensor & speed limit ID system
  • 12.3 inch centre screen with MP5, USB, Bluetooth, Wireless Carplay & Android Auto
  • Internet of Vehicle (IOV) capabilities including navigation/voice control and telematics as optional 
  • Double sliding door, rear double opening with 180 degree hinge & binding rings 
  • Priced from £34,000 (excl. vat & reg fee) 
  • Available to order now, with delivery expected in August 2024
Maxus eDeliver 5 at the CV Show launch

What do we know about the Maxus eDeliver 5, so far?

Full details of the the Maxus eDeliver 5 were revelead at the CV Show (above) several months after a glitzy unveiling in Nanjing, China - a picture from which is at the top of the page.

Produced by SAIC Maxus, the Chinese parent company of Maxus, which is distributed in the UK through imported Harris Maxus, it is of a similar size to current medium-sized vans like the UK's best selling van Ford Transit Custom and the Renault Trafic.

Maxus eDeliver 5 interior at the CV Show launch

Despite its Chinese launch, details were initially scare, but as you can see from the full spec at the top of the page we now have all the information on the new van. Based on the name, we knew that the new eDeliver 5 would be larger than the eDeliver 3, but we'd been told that it would have a loadspace of at least 6m3 up to 8m3. This would make it very much sit in the category of medium-sized electric van but upon its unveiling at the CV Show, the eDeliver 5 had a much narrow range of size.

This is because the eDeliver 5 is only be available in one wheelbase length, but with two roof heights. As a result it has a cubic volume of either 6.6m3 or 7.6m3.

We know that SAIC has also developed a new platform for it, which call MILA or medium-sized all-electric platform. This is the same platform used by the eDeliver 7.

It was previously thought that the eDeliver 5 would use the same 74kW battery as the slightly larger eDeliver 7, but it has in fact arrived with a smaller 64kWh battery pack. It's still enough to give the eDeliver 5 a combined range of 208 miles according to the WLTP test cycle.

Will there be much choice?

The eDeliver 5 is available in just two different sizes, but whereas most manufacturers choose to go with longer wheelbases or simply larger bodies, the eDeliver 5 will only be available with a higher roof.

Although yet to be confirmed, we're told there will also be the option of a chassis cab.

The model unveiled is the low-roof version and given its compact design (in launch colours that closely mimic the Volkswagen ID Buzz Cargo) it makes us think that an H2 high roof eDeliver 5 might look a little odd.

What about the power?

Power from the electric motor has been confirmed as 120kW for the Maxus eDeliver 5 - a signifcant bump from the expected 80kW. While the power might be high, there is just 240Nm of torque, but with an electric motor producing almost instant toque it shouldn't be an issue.

What is the Maxus eDeliver 5 payload?

The Maxus E Deliver 7 has a payload range from 1025kg up to 1200kg, so it's a suprise to see the headline payload figure for the eDeliver 5 topping out at 1200kg. That's a lot for a van of that size.

What size is the Maxus eDeliver 5?

The Maxus eDeliver 5 has a total length of 4.8m and width of 1.87m, making it slightly smaller than a Ford Transit Custom but around the same width.

Where the differences begin to creep in is in the overall height of the van. The H1 eDeliver 5 has a height of 1.96m, while the H2 eDeliver 5 has a height of 2.18m.

The result is an additional 1m3 of storage space, but more importantly an additional 220mm of internal head height.

  • Body types:
    • L1 H1 Overall Dimensions: 4800 x 1874 x 1960mm
    • L1 H2 Overall Dimensions: 4800 x 1874 x 2180mm
  • Cargo dimensions:
    • L1 H1 Internal Cargo Space : L: 2654 x W: 1704 x H: 1455mm
    • L1 H2 Internal Cargo Space:  L: 2654 x W: 1704 x H: 1675mm 

You can find out more on the Maxus eDeliver 5 dimensions in our guide.

What's the range?

The official figures for Maxus eDeliver 5's range show that it's 64kWh battery can muster a fairly decent range. According to the WLTP test cycle the eDeliver 5 is capable of 208 miles (335km) on the combined test cycle. In an urban or city environment the range increases to 300 miles (489km) on the WLTP test.

Although no details on charging have been given, Maxus also currently equips its vans with fast charging at up to 80kW which means it could be topped up in around 45 minutes to around 80%.

The newer platform may mean an increase in charging speeds, depending on the electrical systems of the new van.

What features will it have?

The eDeliver 5 is going to be Maxus' most advanced van to date. It's already taken a huge leap forward with the Maxus eDeliver 7 which is now a genuine competitor to some of the established manufacturers.

The eDeliver 5 will be a rival for the likes of the Volkswagen ID Buzz Cargo and the Ford E-Transit Custom - both of which are pretty slick and advanced bits of kit, so we're expecting big things from the eDeliver 5 in order for it to snag the attention of last-mile delivery companies and owner drivers alike.

What do you make of it so far?

It's hard to make a judgement under the hot lights of a show hall, but first impressions are quite good. The Maxus eDeliver 5 looks interesting and modern. Glossing over it's two-tone paint job that makes it look a lot like an ID Buzz Cargo and imagining it in a plain white, it still looks like a good design.

It's very different to the eDelivery 7 but for a van of this size that's probably a good thing. It's not a shrunken down version, after all, the ED5 butts right up to and tramples on the toes of the ED7 for size.

What's the e Deliver 5 interior like?

If the outside of the van is all about cuteness and mass appeal then the inside is the sombre serious side of the Maxus ED5. There's a lot of mono-tone grey going on. It doesn't feel particularly warm or inviting.

There's also a lot of dash. The top of the eDeliver 5 dash is like a table top of scratchy plastic. It's quite jarring compared to the exterior. Yet, the e Deliver 5 interior looks like it's going to be a partical place to sit in and live with.

When will it be available?

The Maxus eDeliver 5 was launched at the CV Show in April 2024 with deliveries in the UK by Q4.

This year will be an interesting year for Maxus as deliveries of the eDeliver 5 and the eDeliver 7 begin. There's also an update to the electric Maxus pick-up truck, Maxus T90EV, which will get four-wheel-drive and be called the Maxus T90EV GST. There will also be a diesel version of the other mid-sized van called the Maxus Deliver 7.

An update to the large Maxus van is also due. However, the combustion engine is unlikely to change in the Maxus Deliver 9.

Despite it being Maxus' best-seller, the company is pursuing electric only models going forward which leaves the future of the large diesel van in doubt. The Maxus eDeliver 9 will therefore be the large van most likely to get updated.

Maxus eDeliver 5

Price: £- £

Power: -
Torque: - Nm
Payload: - kg
Volume/Area: -
Loadspace Length Max: - mm
Things We Like:
Coming Soon
Things We Like Less:
Coming Soon
Overall: TBC/10

Driving: /10
Interior: /10
Practicality: /10
Value: /10
First Published: April 18, 2024
Last Modified: April 29, 2024  
Written by: thevanreviewer

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