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Ford Transit Connect dimensions

You're here to find out the Ford Transit Connect dimensions and you've made a good choice because the small Transit is one of the best little vans on the market.

Before you get started, this is an article on the dimensions for the Transit Connect that is built by Ford. If you don't know what we mean by that then here's a little explanation. For years, Ford has built its own Transit Connect up until 2024 when they teamed up with the Volksagen Caddy to share platforms. This guide refers to the Ford Transit Connect dimensions for the second generation van, sold from 2013 to 2024. More specifically these are the dimensions for the last update - vehicles from 2019 onwards.

Ford Transit Connect dimensions overview

The Transit Connect comes in a few different sizes as well as types of van. This article is focused on the panel van, but there are also Kombi and dual cabin vans.

The panel van comes in two different wheelbase lengths giving the van a total length from between 4.42m and 4.82m. There's just one height of the Transit Connect in the second generation van, and unsurprisingly it has just one width as well.

Typically the most asked questions about the Ford Transit Connect dimensions are the following:

What is the Ford Transit Connect height?

The height of the Ford Transit Connect is a maximum of 1,863mm or 186cm for an unladen, standard van.

What's the difference between L1 and L2 Transit Connect?

The L1 and L2 labels signify the length of the vehicle. The L1 Transit Connect is a short-wheelbase van, while the L2 is a long-wheelbase model. The difference between the two Ford Transit Connect L1 and L2 models is exactly 400mm or 40cm in additional length.

Which is bigger Transit Connect or Transit Courier?

The Ford Transit Connect is the larger of the two vans compared to the Ford Transit Courier. Traditionally there was a big difference between the two models, however, in 2024 the Transit Courier got signficantly larger, but the Transit Connect remains the bigger van.

If you're looking for more about the size of the Transit Connect then keep scrolling for comprehensive breakdowns of each of the Ford Transit Connect height, Ford Tranist Connect width and Ford Transit Connect length. There's also information on the Ford Transit Connect load volume and the cargo area size.

Below is a full breakdown of the Ford Transit Connect dimensions:

Table showing the full dimensions of the Ford Transit Connect

Transit Connect SWB L1

The smaller of the two Ford Transit Connect vans is the SWB or L1 model. The exterior measures 4,425mm long and it is 1,863mm high. The width is 1,967mm.

The maximum length in the load area is 1,786mm long at the floor. The internal height is 1,263mm from floor to roof. The width of the loadspace area is 1,543mm at floor height.

Altogether it equates to a load volume of 2.9 cubic metres or 2.9m3.

There's the option of a load-through bulkhead which lets you increase the maximum length of items you can carry. This makes the maximum loadspace length increase to 3,000mm or 3m.

Transit Connect SWB L1 van dimensions

Transit Connect LWB L2

The larger of the models is the Transit Connect LWB or L2 variant. It has an overall length of 4,825mm. The overall height of the Transit Connect LWB is 1,859mm and the total overall width is 1967mm.

The maximum length in the Transit Connect L2 load area is 2,152mm long at the floor level. The internal height is 1,263mm from floor to roof, the same as in the smaller van. The width of the loadspace area is 1,496mm at floor height which is marginally narrower than the smaller van.

Altogether it equates to a load volume of 3.6 cubic metres or 3.6m3.

Once again the L2 gets the option of a load-through bulkhead which adds an additional 400mm to the maximum length that can be carried. The maximum loadspace length increases to 3400mm or 3.4m.

Transit Connect LWB L2 van dimensions

Ford Transit Connect dimensions of doors

Because the long-wheelbase van is larger the door openings are slightly different between the two vans.

The rear door opening apertures on both vans are both 1,249mm wide and with a 1,114mm opening height.

The side load door apertures vary between the two models with the L1 or short-wheelbase van having a 615mm opening and the L2 or long-wheelbase van getting a wider door aperture of 833mm.

Ford Transit Connect door opening dimensions side load door and rear doors

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Updated: February 18, 2024
Written by: thevanreviewer

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