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Fiat Scudo review 2022

Overall Rating: 6/10

You might have heard of the Fiat Scudo before but this new van is nothing like the old one.

The previous generation Scudo was probably the last of the truly bad vans on the market which might sound harsh, but is well justified. It looked hideous, the interior was made of rubbish plastics and the engines were underpowered and uneconomical. Worst of all, the steering wheel and pedals really didn’t even try to line-up, they were in different postcodes. It was a really uncomfortable van.

In this Fiat Scudo review we are going to look at all the aspects you need to know about this medium-sized van. If you're hear to find out specifically about the height, length or width of the Scudo then check out our dedicated Fiat Scudo dimensions article.

What van is the Fiat Scudo based on?

This new model is totally different. Like the previous mid-sized Fiat van, the Fiat Talento, the Fiat Scudo is based on the Citroen Dispatch and Peugeot Expert. That's a big change because the Fiat Talento was based on the Renault Trafic, while the previous Fiat Scudo (2007 - 2015) was again based on French vans. This latest Fiat Scudo is going back to its routes then.

But... Times have changes and the new Fiat Scudo now also shares its DNA with the Vauxhall Vivaro and Toyota Proace. It is five vans in one then, but a van that is amongst the best in class.

What types of Fiat Scudo van can I get?

There are several versions of the Scudo available that include panel vans of different sizes as well as options with more seats.

The Fiat Scudo comes as a standard or long-wheelbase panel van. Fiat calls the standard size Scudo model M, while the long-wheelbase van is called XL. The additional length is roughtly 40cm between the two. There are no high roof options, but all Scudo vans are under 2m tall to allow easy height restriced car park access.

Also available is a Fiat Scudo crew van. This increases the number of seats from three to six with the addition of a second row of seats.

The finaly option is a Scudo platform cab. This gives a chassis for bodies to be built on, and is an extension of the very popular bodybuilder following that the larger Fiat Ducato enjoys.

Is the Fiat Scudo any good to drive?

The Scudo is an unashsamed copy of its siblings, but that's no bad thing because they are all excellent vans. Whether you want to have a fun and engaging drive or you want to relax and just get to your destination in comfort the Fiat Scudo is capable of both.

Power comes from a choice of two different output engines with a total of four power outputs. You can have a Fiat Scudo with a 1.5-litre engine with either 100hp or 120hp – that will be paired to a 6-speed manual transmission, or you can have a 2-litre engine with 145h or 180hp. The 145hp engine gets the choice between a manual transmission or an 8-speed automatic gearbox, while the 180hp Scudo is only available with an 8-speed auto.

If you’re looking for something a little greener, there’s also an electric Fiat E-Scudo with a 205-mile range.

We'd choose the larger 2-litre engines over the smaller 1.5-litre simply because it gives you more choice when it comes to the gearbox. While the 100hp and 120hp engines are both powerful enough if you don't intend to run at full weight all the time, the 2-litre feels more comfortable going about its business. Of the two power outputs the 180hp is exceptionally quick, but if you can live without the power choose the 145hp.

What about gearboxes choices?

If you have the money, we'd recommend the 8-speed auto transmission. While the 6-speed manual is nice enough with direct and smooth shifts, the auto is beter. The 8-speed auto has fast, soft changes and does brilliantly for fuel economy. It makes the Scudo a more versatile vehicle for the motorway (thanks to the extra ratios) and for the city and stop/start traffic.

What equipment does the Scudo get?

The Fiat Scudo is available as a panel van, crew cab and platform chassis cab.

The van also has an advanced notification systems for obstacles with frontal collision warning. For reversing, there’s a 180° panoramic rear-view camera.

Fiat Scudo interior

There are a choice of three trim levels in the Scudo which starts with entry-level SX, mid-range Tecnico top-spec Business.

There’s been a significant increase in the safety systems added to the van. The new Scudo now has 14 ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) under its belt. These include automatic road sign recognition, automatic emergency braking, lane departure warning and blind spot alert.

Need to go off-road? The Scudo can also be had with a Grip Control system for gravel, rocks or even snow.

How big is the Fiat Scudo?

When it comes to medium-sized vans, the Fiat Scudo is right in the middle of its class for size and load carrying abilities.

The Fiat Scudo has an overall height of 1.90m with a length of 5m for the standard van and 5.3m for the Maxi version. That enables the Fiat Scudo to have a 6.6m3 loading bay volume with a payload of up to 1-tonne.  The Fiat Scudo’s towing capacity is 1-tonne.

Standard load volumes are 5.3 cubic metres or 6.1 cubic metres depending on the wheelbase of the van, but these increase by 0.5m3 with the Moduwork load-though compartment. This transforms the passenger seat into a workstation and an extension of the load compartment. It also means that up to 4m lengths can be transported in the Maxi version of the vans.

 Scudo Panel vanScudo Crew cabScudo Platform cab
External length (m)4.96/5.34.96/5.315.4
External height (m)From 1.89 to 1.94From 1.89 to 1.942.6
Load volume (m3)   
    Scudo Standard MFrom 5.3 to 5.8From 3.2 to 4.7 
    Scudo Long XLFrom 6.1 to 6.62.37 
Load compartment:
height (mm)
1.39  1.39   
Load compartment:
width of rear door (mm)
1.28  1.28   
Load compartment: PPT (tons)From 2.6 to 3.1  From 2.6 to 3.1  From 2.6 to 3.1  

Should I buy a Fiat Scudo?

Well, it is competatively priced. And, for our money it is the best looking of all the carbon-copy vans. There's something about the bold new Fiat badge that really sets off the front of the van.

In terms of cold hard cash. Pricing for the Fiat Scudo starts from £25,750. That's for the basic model, but we'd really recommend going to the 2-litre 145hp with Business trim. That will set you back £30,680 at the time of writing.

VERSIONList Price (excl. VAT)OTR
Scudo Van SWB MultiJet 1.5 120HP Manual Tecnico MY22£25,750£29,340  
Scudo Van LWB MultiJet 2.0 145HP Manual Business MY22£30,680£35,256  
What replaced the Fiat Scudo?

The Fiat Scudo was replaced by the Fiat Talento after production switched between partners. The original Scudo was based on the Citroen Dispatch and Peugeot Expert. It then changed to the Fiat Talento and was based on the Renault Trafic. The latest Fiat Scudo replaced the Talento and is once again based on the Citroen Dispatch and the Peugeot Expert.

Fiat Scudo

Price: £25750- £

Power: 100 - 180
Torque: - Nm
Payload: 800 - 1400kg
Volume/Area: 5.3 - 6.6
Loadspace Length Max: - 4000mm
Things We Like:
Things We Like Less:
Overall: 6/10

Driving: /10
Interior: /10
Practicality: /10
Value: /10
First Published: January 28, 2022
Last Modified: February 21, 2024  
Written by: thevanreviewer

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