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Fiat Scudo dimensions

The Fiat Scudo and Fiat E-Scudo are mid-sized vans from Fiat Professional that share a platform with other mid-sized vans from the Stellantis family, all of which share the Fiat Scudo's dimensions.

This is a guide to the various sizes of the Fiat Scudo including the load are dimensions and those of the overal length, width and height.

This guide is for the latest Fiat Scudo introduced in 2022 when the Fiat Scudo switched from having the same Renault Trafic dimensions to adopting the same platform as the Citroen Dispatch, Peugeot Expert and Vauxhall Vivaro.

A commonly asked question about the Scudo is...

What is the Fiat Scudo height?

The Fiat Scudo has an overall height of just 1895mm. It's one of the lowest mid-sized vans on the market.

The Scudo range is exceptionally simple compared to many medium sized vans. Fiat Professional sells the Scudo with just two body lengths - called Standard and Maxi. There's also only one height to the Scudo van. This makes explaining the Fiat Scudo size very straight forward.

What is the Fiat Scudo standard size van external dimensions?

4959mm (L) x 2512mm (w) x 1895mm (h)

What is the Fiat Scudo Maxi size van external dimensions?

5300mm (L) x 2512mm (w) x 1895mm (h)

You'll notice that the only difference is the overall length of the van, the rest stays the same. The large Maxi van adds 341mm to the overall length of the Scudo. Most of that is translated into the size of the Scudo load area which increases by 320mm for the long wheelbase Maxi van.

Fiat Scudo dimensions overview

External length 4,959 mm to 5300mm
External width 2,204 mm
Height unladen 1,895 mm
Load length* 2,512 mm - 4020mm
Load width 1,628 mm
Load Volume5.3m3 - 6.6m3
*measurement includes the folding hatch
Fiat Scudo on a dynaimc blue and pink background

Fiat Scudo load length

If the lengths, heights and width of the van are all straight forward, the Scudo's size gets a little more complicated when you look at the load length. That's because it has a secret weapon. A folding hatch under the passenger seat that boosts what you can carry.

There's a choice of two vehicle lengths, as we've already mentioned, but with those it is also possible to extend the loading area up to 3.67m in the standard version, and 4.02m in the Maxi version of the Scudo. The Fiat Scudo's dimensions are dramatically improved with the hatch, making it as possible to carry similar lengths to a large van, but in a medium van.

What is the Fiat Scudo load length?

The Fiat Scudo has a regular load length of 2512mm. The Fiat Scudo Maxi van has a load length of 3852mm. However, both can be increased by the addition of a folding load hatch to give 3670mm for the standard and 4020mm for the Maxi.

Fiat Scudo load volume

The Fiat Scudo has a minimum overall load volume of 5.3m3 which can increase to 5.8m3 with the addition of the folding hatch. The Fiat Scudo Maxi has an overall load volume of 6.1m3 that increases to 6.6m33 when you use the load through hatch.

Updated: March 18, 2023
Written by: thevanreviewer

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