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Ford Transit Custom payload (2012 - 2024)

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The first generation Ford Transit Custom, on sale from 2012 through to 2024, was available in a wide range of sizes and weights.

Gross vehicle weights range from 2.6 tonnes to 3.4 tonnes which gave it a broad spectrum of maximum payloads.

The Ford Transit Custom range has a payload capacity ranging from 686kg up to 1459kg

The most popular model in the Ford Transit Custom range, a 320 L1H1 with manual gearbox has a payload of between 1170kg and 1232kg.

What is the maximum payload a Ford Transit Custom can carry?

The Transit Custom model with the highest grossing payload is the Transit Custom 340 L1H1 with a manual gearbox.

Transit Custom 260 payload

The Transit Custom 260 is a 2.6-tonne GVW van with a payload of 686kg. It has a front axle eight of 1575kg and a rear axle weight of 1415kg. It is only available in one size and with a manual transmission.

Transit Custom 280 payload

The Transit Custom 280 is a 2.8-tonne GWV van with a payload capacity from 765kg to 886kg. It is available with a manaul or automatic transmissions. An autogearbox reduces the payload weight by around 50kg.

Transit Custom 290 payload

The Ford Transit Custom 290 payload weight ranges from 863kg to 916kg. It is a 2.9-tonne GVW van that is only availablel in Sports trim. The L1H1 Sport has a 916kg payload. The L2H1 Sport has a payload of 863kg. Both models are only available with manual transmissions.

Transit Custom 300 payload

The Transit Custom 300 has one of the widest range of bodies and options and span of payloads. It is a 3-tonne GVW van with maximum payloads ranging from 907kg to 1085kg. It is available in standard and high roof sizes with manual and automatic transmissions as well as an EcoBlue Hybrid model.

Transit Custom 320 payload

The Transit Custom 320 is a 3.2-tonne GVW van with a payload capacity from 1113kg to 1232kg. The van with the lowest payload capacity is the 320 L2H1 with an automatic gearbox in Sport trim, whereas the Transit Custom 320 with an manual gearbox in L1H1 size has a maxmimum weight capacity of up to 1232kg.

Transit Custom 340 payload

The Transit Custom 340 is a 3.4-tonne GVW van with a payload capacity ranging from 1153kg to 1459kg. It is available as an short or long wheelbase van, the larger body size reduced payload by around 53kg. The lowest weight carrying capacity 340 Transit Custom is the PHEV (Plug-in Hybrid) model which has a payload capacity of 1153kg to 1195kg.

For more information on the Transit Custom sizes which explains details of the body sizes like L1H1 and L1H2, read out Ford Transit Custom dimensions guide.

A full table breakdown of the Transit Custom payload capacity with gross vehicle weight and axle mass
Updated: April 25, 2024
Written by: thevanreviewer

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