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Ford E-Transit payload

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Want to find out how much weight the big electric Ford van van carry, well you'll find all the information you need in our Ford E-Transit payload guide.

The Ford E-Transit comes in several sizes giving you many different payload and weight options.

It's the biggest van in the Ford range, but the electric battery really hampers the amount of weight the Ford E-Transit can carry. With the 68kWh batteries found in the launch vehicle taking a significant chunk off the van's total weight carrying capacity.

Of course, removing the engine and gearbox has freed up some weight, but the addition of high voltage systems, motors and the battery cells means that the Ford E-Transit has a lower payload than its diesel equivalent. Check out our guide to the Ford Transit payloads to see how they compare.

How much weight can a Ford E-Transit carry?

The big electric Ford E-Transit van can transport from 790kg up to 1008kg

Higher gross vehicle weights

The Ford E-Transit does, however, have an ace up its sleeve compared to the diesel model. That's because legislation allows electric vans to operate at a higher gross vehicle weight (GVW). In theory (the law is still a bit unclear and changeable on this) you can drive a van over 3.5 tonnes (up to a maximum of 4.25-tonnes) on a regular B licence - the licence you need to have for driving a car.

That means that if you have the highest GVW Ford E-Transit you will get an additioanl 750kg payload. There are three GVW weights for the E-Tranist, 3.5 tonnes, 3.9 tonnes and 4.25 tonnes.

Overall, the Ford E-Transit has payloads ranging from 790kg up to 1,758kg. If you're looking at just the 3.5. tonne Ford E-Transit 350 its payloads range from 790kg to 1,035kg. For the 3.9 tonne Ford E-Transit it has a payload range of 1,190kg to 1,408kg. The biggest payloads are available on the 4.25 tonne Ford E-Transit which has a payload of 1,540kg to 1,758kg.

Ford E-Transit 350

Max. gross payload (excluding driver)1008-1035965-992951-980907-936790-826
Min. kerb massu (excluding driver)2465-24922508-25352520-25492564-25932674-2710

Ford E-Transit 390

Max. gross payload (excluding driver)14081365135113071190
Min. kerb massu (excluding driver)24922535254925932710

Ford E-Transit 425

Max. gross payload (excluding driver)17581715170116571540
Min. kerb massu (excluding driver)24922535254925932710


The Ford E-Transit is a heavy van. The large batteries contribute massively to its overall weight. Even the smalles Ford E-Transit has a kerbweight of 2,465kg. The heaviest E-Transit weights a hefty 2,710kg.

Updated: March 2, 2024
Written by: thevanreviewer

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