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Keep your van safe from tool theft and van theives

May 17, 2024

Van thefts and tool thefts from vans remain a constant battle for van owners.

Protecting your van is all about being alert to the risks and staying ahead of the thieves.

We've spoken to several experts who highlight the severity of the issue, noting that vans, regardless of their location, are frequent targets, with criminals continually devising new methods to break into vans and steal their contents - whether it's tools, parcels or materials.

Unfortunately where there's an opportunity theives will gather and there is constant innovation in illegal access techniques used by thieves.

Enhancing physical security is therefore essential.

A van insurance expert advises that additional security devices, beyond factory standards, such as mechanical locks, alarms, and immobilisers, can be very effective.

Robust locking systems suitable for various van doors are designed for easy installation without professional help, providing convenience and enhanced security. Most can be installed in about seven to ten minutes. These locks can be used across a fleet with a master key and are cost-effective and provide a strong visual deterrent against theft.

There's a growing demand for its highly visible "statement locks," in order to deter thieves. Electronic slam-locks, which automatically secure doors upon closing, and additional measures like rear window guards, also further enhance security. These guards prevent thieves from reaching into the cargo area even if they break the glass.

Locks are becoming increasingly sophisticated, with features like anti-drill pins and high-security keys that prevent unauthorised duplication. Replacement keys are tightly controlled, requiring validation through security registers to prevent misuse.

However, the effectiveness of locks depends on drivers remembering to use them. Telematics systems can remind drivers to lock their vehicles and even immobilise them if they fail to do so.

Prevention is crucial. Many drivers often leave their vans unlocked during quick stops, which is a definite security risk.

To further protect their vehicles, owners should park in well-lit areas, secure valuable items, and check driver credentials thoroughly.

For keyless ignition systems, storing keys in a Faraday pouch can prevent signal interception. In the event of a robbery, drivers should comply with thieves to ensure their safety, but technology like remote immobilisation can assist in recovering stolen vehicles.

Advanced tracking systems can also help locate stolen vans and alert owners to theft attempts. These measures, combined with installing additional security features beyond factory standards, significantly enhance vehicle security.

While manufacturers have faced criticism for basic security measures, collaborations with security companies have led to the development of high-security options as factory-fit features in some vehicles. These include sophisticated locks and enhanced protection packages.

Insurance companies may offer premium discounts for additional security measures, though this varies depending on the insurer and the specific circumstances.

Taking these precautions can go a long way in protecting commercial vehicles from theft.

Van Tool Theft: How to Secure Your Van and Belongings

Here's a breakdown of what you can do to improve your van's security:

Physical Deterrents:

  • Reinforce Door Locks: Consider adding high-security locks like Mul-T-Lock's MVP1000 or MVP2000. These are easy to install and come with a key management system for added security.
  • Statement Locks: Locks4Vans offers "statement locks" that act as a visual deterrent to thieves. Their Diamond Statement Lock boasts anti-drilling and anti-cutting features.
  • Rear Window Guards: Protect your cargo bay even if the rear window gets smashed by installing a window guard.

Electronic Security Systems:

  • Alarms: While some may ignore alarms, they can still be a deterrent. Locks4Vans offers alarms specifically designed for pickup trucks.
  • Advanced Lock Systems: TVL's Protect+ system incorporates anti-drill pins and plates to prevent lock manipulation. Their keys are also patented for enhanced security.
  • Telematics and Driver Reminders: HH Driveright's GM 2020 system reminds drivers to lock their vans and can even immobilize them if left unlocked.

Best Practices:

  • Always Lock Your Van: This seems obvious, but many forget, especially during quick deliveries.
  • Secure Your Keys: Keep your keys safe and consider using a Faraday pouch to block keyless ignition signals if you park at home.
  • Valuable Storage: Don't leave valuables like tools or electronics in plain sight. Utilise hidden compartments or lock them away in the cargo area.
  • Background Checks: If you hire drivers, perform thorough background checks.
  • Parking: Park in well-lit areas, close to walls if possible, to limit access to certain doors.
  • Report Theft Immediately: If your van is stolen, contact the police right away. HH Driveright's S7 GPS tracker can also help locate the vehicle.
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