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Maxus eDeliver 5 dimensions

This is the guide to the Maxus eDeliver 5 dimensions, the medium-sized van from SAIC Maxus and middle van in the range.

In this article you'll find the Maxus eDeliver 5 height, length, and width, as well as the cargo area or loadspace volume and the load length.

Maxus eDeliver 5 dimensions overview

The Maxus eDeliver 5 is available in one wheelbase size with just one body length, but there are two different roof heights.

That means you can get a Maxus eDeliver 5 L1H1 and a Maxus eDeliver 5 L1H2.

It has a load volume of up to 7.6m3 and the overall payload is said to be up to 1200kg.

Maxus eDeliver 5 length

The eDeliver 5 has a total length of 4800mm or 4.8m for the L1 size van. This is the only size of the van in the range.

Maxus eDeliver 5 width

Like the lenght there is just one width size for the eDeliver 5 with a total of 1874mm of 1.87m.

Maxus eDeliver 5 height

The important thing to know about the Maxus eDeliver 5 is that it is available in two differing roof heights.

The H1 eDeliver 5 has a height of 1,960mm, while the H2 eDeliver 5 has a height of 2,180mm.

Maxus eDeliver 5 internal height

On the inside the H1 van has a maximum cargo space height of 1455mm. The H2 van gets an increase of 220mm making the overall loadspace height 1675mm.

The additional height also adds a further 1m3 of storage space.

Maxus eDeliver 5 load volume

How big is the Maxus eDeliver 5?

The Maxus eDeliver 5 has an overall load volume of between 6.6m3 and 7.6m3.

The L1H1 has an internal volume of 6.6m3.

The L1H2 van has an internal load volume of 7.6m3.

Overal size

  • Body types:
    • L1 H1 Overall Dimensions: 4800 x 1874 x 1960mm
    • L1 H2 Overall Dimensions: 4800 x 1874 x 2180mm
  • Cargo space dimensions:
    • L1 H1 Internal Cargo Space : L: 2654 x W: 1704 x H: 1455mm
    • L1 H2 Internal Cargo Space:  L: 2654 x W: 1704 x H: 1675mm

What is the eDeliver 5 comparable to?

The Maxus eDeliver 5 is a medium sized van and is only just slightly smaller than the standard sized Ford Transit Custom.

Updated: April 24, 2024
Written by: thevanreviewer

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