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Maxus eDeliver 5 review (2023)

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Maxus has launched their latest electric van called the Maxus eDeliver 5.

The medium van will look to fill the gap in the Maxus product range betwen the Maxus eDeliver 3 and the Maxus eDeliver 7.

What do we know about the Maxus eDeliver 5, so far?

Full details of the the Maxus eDeliver 5 have not yet been revelead, despite the glitzy unveiling in Nanjing, China.

Produced by SAIC Maxus, the Chinese parent company of Maxus which is distributed in the UK through imported Harris Maxus, it is of a similar size to current medium-sized vans like the UK's best selling van Ford Transit Custom and the Renault Trafic.

There are no solid details, but having previously heard about the Maxus eDeliver 5, we know that it is larger than the eDeliver 3 and will have a loadspace of at least 6m3 up to 8m3. This makes it very much sit in the category of medium-sized electric van.

SAIC has also developed a new platform for it, which they are calling MILA or medium-sized all-electric platform. This is the same platform used by the eDeliver 7. The eDeliver 5 will therefore use the same 74kW battery as the slightly larger model.

Will there be much choice?

The differing load volumes tell us the medium van will be available with two wheelbase lengths, and we are told there will also be the option of a chassis cab. It is possible there will also be two roof heights, although not confirmed. The low-roof compact design of it (in launch colours that closely mimic the Volkswagen ID Buzz Cargo) makes us think it may not look right.

Expect power outputs of 77kW or 88kW for the Maxus eDeliver 5. These match those planned for the 7.

What is the Maxus eDeliver 5 payload?

Payload will be an interesting one for the new model. The Maxus E Deliver 7 is said to range from 1025kg up to 1200kg, which is a lot for a van of that size. The Maxus eDeliver 5 might therefore have a payload in the region of 800kg, up to or slightly over one tonne depending on the gross vehicle weights.

What size is the Maxus eDeliver 5?

The exact size of the eDeliver 5 is not yet known, but its length will be smaller than the 4998mm of the larger van.

Similarly, its height will be less than or close to 1990mm. The width should be around the same as the eDeliver 7's 2030mm.

What's the range?

There are no official figures yet for the Maxus eDeliver 5's range, but given that it will share its battery with other vans in the Maxus range we can take an educated guess. The battery is said to be 74kWh, which should be enough to see the medium-size van surpass 220 miles on a single charge.

Maxus also currently equips its vans with fast charging at up to 80kW which means it could be topped up in around 45 minutes to around 80%.

The newer platform may mean an increase in charging speeds, depending on the electrical systems of the new van.

When will it be available?

The Maxus eDeliver 5 will launch next year with deliveries in the UK by Q4.

Next year will be an interesting year for Maxus as deliveries of the eDeliver 5 and the eDeliver 7 begin. There's also an update to the electric Maxus pick-up truck, Maxus T90EV, which will get four-wheel-drive.

An update to the large Maxus van is also due. However, the combustion engine in the Maxus Deliver 9 might be dropped. Despite it being Maxus' best-seller, the company is pursuing electric only models going forward which leaves the future of the large diesel van in doubt. The Maxus eDeliver 9 will therefore be the large van most likely to get updated.

Maxus eDeliver 5

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First Published: September 25, 2023
Last Modified: September 26, 2023  
Written by: thevanreviewer

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