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Helixx delivery van ready with first demo vehicle

November 16, 2023

UK-based Helixx has unveiled its first demonstrator vehicle of its commercial delivery van.

The demonstration marks a significant leap toward the production of the Helixx commercial delivery van which has placed an emphasis on the ease of assembly and optimal interior load space.

The vehicle will ultimately be part of a comprehensive lineup that includes a pick-up truck for the construction industry, open-body and closed-body passenger vehicles for ride-hailing fleets.

Central to the Helixx design is simplicity and replicability with the body of the delivery van adhering to a set of specific rules, enabling easy replication in Helixx mobility hubs. The body system comprises just five key structural components that 'click and bond' together during assembly, drastically reducing manufacturing costs while ensuring a robust and highly durable end product.

Helixx delivery van front on view

Steve Pegg, Helixx CEO and co-founder, said: "Our demonstration vehicle visually represents what licensed Helixx Mobility Hubs can produce in as little as 180 days, offering subscribers access from $0.25 per hour. Our goal is to decomplexify the production process, making it not only cost-effective but also environmentally sustainable."

Helixx's manufacturing approach stands out for its use of in-house 3D printing, creating both structural and cosmetic body components. This process contributes to an industry-first wide-scale internally recyclable polymer molding body system, eliminating the need for energy-intensive and chemically dependent sheet metal processes.

The final body system, assembled with a first-time-fit during the bonding process, showcases a simplified structure with 30% less mass and fewer components compared to traditional vehicles.

Based on a hybrid aluminum chassis, the Helixx delivery small van offers a 2.1m3 capacity and a maximum payload of 500kg. It has a 1100mm rear door width, a 1400mm load bay length. There's also a central driving position with a single seat making it compatible with left- and right-hand-drive markets.

Rear loadspace view with boxes and pallet

Helixx's proprietary manufacturing technology stack includes software enabled by the Siemens Xcelerator portfolio, designed to decomplexify the production of commercial electric vehicles. This software provides licensees with comprehensive information, supply chain details, and instructions, empowering them to efficiently build their own Helixx vehicles without the constraints of legacy manufacturing.

Following validation and in-market feedback on the Demonstrator Vehicle, Helixx is poised to commence a Gen Zero production run of 100 vehicles at its pilot hub in the UK. The company aims to roll out customer vehicles and factories at a concept hub in Southeast Asia, marking a significant step toward reshaping the future of commercial electric vehicles.

Written by: thevanreviewer 

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