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Mercedes shows new eSprinter delivery concept with e-Bike

April 19, 2024

Mercedes-Benz Vans has updated its Sustaineer project with a new e-cargo bike to accompany the Mercedes-Benz eSprinter based van.

The Sustaineer eSprinter van was first introduced in 2022 as an example of the work Mercedes is doing to use more sustainable materials in its production models. The latest iteration takes that concept and adds a new e-cargo bike to urban deliveries.

In cooperation with a Berlin-based cargo bike manufacturer, ONOMOTION, the van and bike show how the two can work together in a hub and spoke approach to last mile deliveries.

Mercedes says the eSprinter will become a mobile micro-depot bringing pre-packaged goods in special containers to cargo bikes. The e-bikes will then take deliveries direct to the door of customers. This, they say, will enable the eSprinter to spend less time standing idle at the kerb and it can instead carry on its way, improving delivery efficiency.

The concept is said to be suitable for a wide range of industries from courier, and parcel services to food and even textiles.

The consignments can be pre-picked a base ahead of the delivery route and then loaded into the interchangeable wheeled ONOMOTION containers. The eSprinter van then transports them to the handover point.

Each container has a load volume of more than 2m3 with a payload of up to 200kgs. The container lift works hydraulically, has recessed rollers, and can be controlled by remote, allowing them to be loaded and unloaded quickly and safely.

The large Sprinter dimensions means that are able to fit into a long-wheelbase van, while still leaving enough space for a shelving system – accessible through the right-hand rear door.

What is the ONO e-cargo bike?

The ONO e-cargo bike has a range of up to 25km and uses a 1.4 kWh battery with pull-away assistance of up to 6kmph. It also uses a replaceable battery system to increase range, and requires no driving licence.

What is in the Sustaineer demo van?

The Sustaineer technology demonstrators are currently undergoing intensive testing with a view to possible series production. Features being trailed include heating close to the body and zonal air conditioning to help increase the range of electric vehicles.

At –7C, zonal air conditioning with heating close to the body consumed around 25% less energy than conventional ambient air heating. At +5C energy was reduced by about 50% thanks to heated surfaces in the footwell, the driver's door and on the steering column panelling.

Because only the area around the driver, rather than the entire interior is heated, the air conditioning fan can run at a low level, reducing noise.

The Sustaineer also has a particulate filter integrated into the front module, developed to reduce particulates from tyres, brakes and asphalt wear from getting into the cabin.

There’s also a solar panel on the roof, components made from recycled materials like plastics as well as hemp.

The project is part of Mercedes' ongoing sustainability objectives.

When will it go on sale?

The Sustaineer is just a concept, however, elements from its trails could possibly make an appearance in future Mercedes-Benz van products. The next major update to their product range will be in the introduction of the electric VAN.EA platform, which will form the basis for both future medium and large vans.

Written by: thevanreviewer 

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