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Toyota Hilux range gets new 48V electric system

December 4, 2023

Toyota will add a new 48V electrical system to its Hilux range to improve fuel economy and performance. The Toyota Hilux Hybrid 48V is the first time electrification has been integrated into the Hilux lineup since its launch in 1968 in Japan.

Since then, the Toyota Hilux has become a workhorse icon and the Hilux Hybrid 48V is the next phase in maintaining its image as the world transitions to more sustainable vehicles. The announcement of the hybrid Hilux comes just weeks after the reveal of a more aggressive Toyota Hilux GR Sport II version.

The Hybrid 48V will only be available in double cab format pairing the standard 2.8-litre diesel engine with a specially designed 48V hybrid system.

A belt system connects the engine to a compact motor generator, which charges the new 48V lithium-ion battery. This lightweight battery, positioned under the rear seats to minimize cabin space impact, weighs just 7.6kg and also powers the vehicle's 12V system via a DC/DC converter.

Similar to Toyota's full hybrid systems, the battery regenerates braking energy during deceleration, maximising efficiency and providing additional braking power. When charged, the battery returns up to 16hp (12 kW) and 65 Nm of torque through the motor. Improving performance and supporting the engine for enhanced acceleration, power, and efficiency.

A new two-arm belt tensioner and stronger belt material contribute to improved drivability and a quieter ride.

Toyota says that the Hilux Hybrid 48V offers a combination of responsive acceleration, improved braking, and enhanced fuel efficiency, all while delivering a smoother ride on any terrain. The hybrid system should provide better throttle response and smoother acceleration, particularly from a standstill, while regenerative braking creates a more natural and effective deceleration feel.

An improved stop-start system allows the engine to remain off for longer periods, contributing to a fuel efficiency improvement of up to 5% compared to the standard diesel powertrain.

The motor generator's power allows for smoother acceleration on rough terrain, while regenerative braking assists with controlled descents. Additionally, the engine's idling speed reduction from 720 rpm to 600 rpm enhances the driver's ability to precisely control the vehicle.

Toyota has yet to comment on the possibility of a hybrid or full battery electric pick-up truck. Rivals Ford have annouced a Ranger PHEV, while Isuzu intends to build a D-Max BEV by 2025. Meanwhile, Maxus remains the only manufacturer currently offering a fully electric pick-up truck, the Maxus T90EV.

Written by: thevanreviewer 

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