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Ford Ranger Wolftrak review (2024)

Overall Rating: 9/10

The Ford Ranger Wolftrak is the no-nonsense answer to the working pick-up truck you never knew you needed.

With so many buyers in the UK opting for the highly specced Wildtrak models the more utilitarian end of the market has been left a little neglected by Ford but the Ford Ranger Wolftrak addresses that.

Based on the XLT trim level, the Wolftrak gets a load of upgrades to not only make it more appealing but also more practical. Think of the Ranger Wolftrak as the Hunter wellington boot – stylish but still a properly practical thing.

Ford Ranger Wolftrak cornering on a country road

What's different about the Ford Ranger Wolftrak?

The upgrades are designed to increase its capabilities off-road with proper larger all-terrain tyres rather than more road suitable and smaller rubber you’ll find on other models. It gets 17-inch matt black allow wheels as standard to compensate for this, rather than larger 18-inch alloys you’ll find on the more pimped up Rangers. Yet it still manages to make a striking statement with its looks. Not least because of the sports bar above the load bay – also in matt black – and Wolftak decals.

The same treatment has been done to the door mirror caps, radiator grille, handles, and rear bumper step, all of which get the flat black appearance. Then there’s the colour. Ranger Wolftrak models get the conquer grey paint made popular on the Ford Ranger Raptor models. The primer colour of the conquer grey has proven extremely popular and fits in nicely with the workhorse ethic of the Ranger Wolftrak pick-up.

How is it more practical?

But the Ford Ranger Wolftrak isn’t just about visual changes, there are sensible practical alterations as well. The load bed gets a spray-in liner to help protect it from scratches and also serves as a non-slip surface. There are also three reverse hooks on each side of the load area to enable easy netting or lashing of items in the rear load bed. There’s an electronically locking rear differential enhance its off-roading abilities when in four-wheel drive too.

Ford Ranger Wolftrak rear load bed with  non-slip coating for added durability

What's the inside of the Ranger Wolftrak like?

On the inside there’s plenty of Wolftrak badges. But the working spec enhancements include front and rear floor mats to protect the carpets from the sort of muddy environments that Ford expects the Wolftrak to be frequenting. It’s an all-black affair with none of the orange drama you’ll find in a Wildtrak, making it feel a lot more sophisticated but no less opulent. There’s a leather steering wheel and Alcantara seats. The Ford Ranger Wolftrak also has heated front seats and dual zone automatic air conditioning. There’s an 8-inch touchscreen with Ford’s Sync 3 system which includes sat-nav and smartphone mirroring with Apple Carplay and Android Auto connectivity as well.

What engine and gearbox does it have?

Where the Wolftrak differes from the rest of the range is in its engine. Wildtrak and Stormtrak variants get the top of the range 213hp diesel engine but the Wolftrak has to settle for slightly less powerful 170hp unit.

It’s a fair compromise and one that doesn’t leave you feeling short-changed. The 213hp engine is particularly gutsy and brimming with torque, but the 170hp engine performs well for a 2-litre engine. Where you notice the difference in power most is at the top end of the Ranger’s performance. There’s not quite as much get up and go at higher speeds, but you can comfortably buzz along at a motorway cruise providing you don’t need to show any rapids turns of pace.

The Ford Ranger Wolftrak has the option of the same 10-speed automatic transmission as the rest of the Ford range, but in standard guise it comes with a 6-speed manual. That’s definitely more inkeeping with the purist off-roader that the Wolftrak spec is aiming for. It’s a nice gearbox too. The changes are tight, and the throw is relatively short. It doesn’t feel like your paddling a barge or churning some butter down there – especially reassuring when in low-range mode where the Wolftrak proves to be an exceptional off-roader.

What's the Ford Ranger Wolftrak like?

On the road, the ride quality is quite firm but softened slightly by the larger off-road tyres. They do of course add a layer of additional noise compared to the Wildtrak but it’s not overly intrusive. The precise steering of the standard Ranger is also compromised slightly by those tyres, but again this is an off-roader, not a sports car. The tyres are here for a specific purpose, one that the Wolftrak does admirably.

Running a large pick-up truck like a Ranger comes at a price. Not least because the Ford Ranger Wolftrak mpg is claimed to be 33.6mpg. That’s slightly worse than its XLT equivalent but very much par for the course in any modern 4x4 pick-up truck.

Should I buy a Ranger Wolftrak?

The Ford Ranger Wolftrak is the stylish worker you can’t help but love. Its sub £30k launch price (ex VAT) is more than reasonable in a Ranger portfolio that nudges well over 50 grand for the top models.

Is the Ford Ranger Wolftrak any good?

If you're wondering whether or not to buy a Wolftrak or a Wildtrak then you need to really think about what you want to be doing with your truck. The Wolftrak is a hard worker, the Wildtrak is a part-timer. Both are great off-road, but the Wildtrak has the edge with its equipment and all-round family-friendliness.

What the Wolftrak gives you is working ability with top-spec equipment. It’s minimalist but not. It’s also cool without trying hard. In a nutshell, it’s a contradiction. But it’s a brilliant antidote to pick-up truck excessiveness. You can have the raw essentials and few comforts. All while getting the job done.

The Wolftrak will be replaced by a new model from the next generation range with similar off-road focused attributes. The Ford Ranger Tremor will be a purist's off-roader version of the Ranger. Expect a higher ride height, possible new suspension and beefier tyres. It will sit in the line-up alongside the Ranger XLT, Ranger Wildtrak, Ranger Platinum and Ford Ranger Raptor.

Ford Ranger Wolftrak

Price: £30000 to £32000
Fuel economy: 33.3 - 33.3
Power: 170 to 170
Torque: 450Nm to 450Nm
Payload: 1060kg to 1060kg
Volume: to m3
Loadspace Max: 1613 to 1613mm
Things We Like:
Simple but effective, there's real elegance to this pared back pick-up
Things We Like Less:
There's nothing much not to like, it's working-class meets lifestyle lux
Overall: 9/10

Driving: 8/10
Interior: 9/10
Practicality: 9/10
Value: 9/10
First Published: December 1, 2022
Last Modified: March 3, 2023  
Written by: thevanreviewer

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