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Ford Ranger Tremor review 2023

Overall Rating: 8/10

If you like to go off-road you'll love the idea of the Ford Ranger Tremor. That's because the new addition to the Ranger line-up bills itself as a proper go-anywhere truck. The Ranger Tremor is a not quite no-frills pick-up but it's certainly a stripped back option compared to some other Ford Rangers for sale in the UK.

The Ford Ranger line-up has grown rapidly in size since the introduction of the revamped range. Along with updates to the Ranger XL, Ranger XLT and Ranger Wildtrak models there was a new petrol-powered Ford Ranger Raptor V6.

New names were added as well, with the Ford Ranger Wildtrak X making a comeback as a regular trim level, rather than the special edition 1000 unit model found in the previous range. Then came the big ticket on-road Ford Ranger Platinum and last but not least the Ford Ranger Tremor, which looks to capture the hearts and minds of serious off-road enthusiasts.

It's also a chance to rekindle the looks and styling of the limited edition Ford Ranger Wolftrak which had just 500 units.

The Ford Ranger Tremor is a premium workhorse, designed with off-roading in mind. It's somewhere between a Wiltrak and a Raptor in terms of its abilities but positioned more towards XL and XLT with its specification.

What makes the Ford Ranger Tremor special?

The Ford Ranger Tremor's main selling point is it's suspension. The Tremor gets bespoke Bilstein dampers that have been designed to give the truck more of an edge when it comes to hardcore off-roading.

Unlike the Ranger Raptor which gets Fox adjustable dampers, the Tremor gets a slightly more off-the-shelf suspension. It shares these underpinnings with the Wildtrak X, which is in many ways the sophisticated version of the Tremor, as it gets the full Wildtrak interior with large screen and leather seats.

Another different aspect of the Tremor model is its conquer grey paint. This was a colour that was previously used exclusively on the first generation Ranger Raptor, but was then applied to the Wolftrak trim. The Tremor gets the same treatment, matched with matte black details like the roll hoop in the loadspace.

What's the difference between the Ford Ranger Wildtrak, Wildtrak X and Tremor?

The Wildtrak is the standard model that now sits in the middle of the range of multi-purpose Rangers. It's great for both on- and off-road and comes with the option of 2-litre diesel of V6 diesel.
The Wildtrak X is a more extreme version of the Wildtrak with Bilstein dampers, a higher ride height but only the 2-litre engine. The Tremor has the same underpinnings as the Wildtrak X but is a more extreme version of the XLT model, with a 10-inch screen and more utilitarian equipment.

Rear tailgate of the Ford Ranger Tremor with a sunset background and the sea

What engine does it have?

There's just one engine and power output for the Tremor which in a way defines where it sits in the Ranger pecking order.

The Ford Ranger Tremor is only available with the 2-litre EcoBlue bi-turbo engine with a 205hp output.

It is then the most powerful output of the lesser available engine, as access to the V6 diesel is only available on Wildtrak and above models.

It also gets the 10-speed automatic transmission, making it even less comparable to the Wolftrak it was thought to replace.

Ford Ranger Tremor driving on the road

What's the interior like?

On the inside, the Ford Ranger Tremor gets a smart full leather interior. It's a definite step up from the base-level XL model's cloth seats, but there's a slightly smaller 10-inch touchscreen in the centre of the dash, rather than the Wildtrak's 12-inch unit.

The seats are also manually adjustable, rather than electric, with a 6-way adjustment function for the driver and a 4-way option for the passenger. They're also heated - which is controlled via the touchscreen.

Is there any difference to the load bed?

Nope. There's nothing much to separate the Ranger Tremor from any other Ranger when it comes to its working ability.

The roll hoop/sports bar is a chunky black tube, rather than the square rails you get in an XL, and or the stainless steel bars you get on the XLT.

It comes as standard with the integrated rear step into the rear bumper to aid access into the load bed, and there's also the option of having the power onboard plugs in the rear for powering work tools.

roll hoop sports bar on a pick-up truck

What's the Ford Ranger Tremor's payload?

The all-important question for a pick-up truck is, what is the payload. The Ford Ranger Tremor has a payload of 1030kg. That's enough for it to qualify as a proper commercial vehicle, and therefore means that you can reclaim the VAT if you're a business user.

You will also pay less tax for a pick-up truck with a one-tonne payload.

The downside of that is that it falls just below the magical threshold to add a hardtop. HMRC assigns a magical 45kg weight penalty to double cabs with hardtops and this comes off the payload. Therefore with a hardtop, the payload is 990kg - which means you can't reclaim the VAT. Shame.

Tremor rear view while driving
Ford Ranger Tremor on a beach

Is the Ford Ranger Tremor suspension worth the money?

The first thing you need to be aware of is that the Bilstein dampers on the Ford Ranger Tremor are not in any way related to those on the Ford Ranger Raptor. While you might think the Tremor is a cut-price Raptor, it really isn't.

The suspension upgrade does two things. It firms up the ride on the road, and it makes the Tremor more capable off-road at the very extremes of the wheel travel.

Those are two important points because it means that on-road ride in the regular Wildtrak is better. The off-road comfort of the standard Wildtrak is also better on loose and uneven surfaces, for the same reason. It underlines that the standard Ford Ranger suspension is already incredibly capable.

What the Bilstein dampers on the Ford Ranger Tremor do is give you an additional margin at the very extremes of your off-roading. If that dirt track suddenly becomes really rocky, the Tremor is better. If you need to go over really bumpy ground, the Bilsteins are better.

It's the 1% stuff that most people won't ever do.

General Grabber AT3 tyre
off-roading Tremor

What's the Ford Ranger Tremor price?

The Ford Ranger Tremor starting price is £34,550 ex VAT. That's about £5000 less than the equivalent Ranger Wildtrak and £7000 less than the very similar but far more luxurious Wildtrak X.

For your money, the on sale Ranger Tremor price includes:

  • Less Tie Down Rail With Rope Hooks
  • Front Bumper Lower Accent Body Colour
  • Rear Bumper Accent Colour
  • Accent Colour Door Handles
  • Large Wheelarch Flares
  • Accent Colour Exterior Mirrors
  • Heavy Duty Side Step
  • Front Splash Guards
  • Metal Underbody Protection
  • Roll Bar
  • Underbody Wax Protection
  • Less Tachograph
  • Ebony Headliner - Tremor black
  • Less Load Rest
  • Vinyl Floor Covering
  • Front Throw in Rubber Floor Mats
  • Cargo Light
  • Rear Throw in Rubber Floor Mats
  • Off Road Suspension
  • ABS/ESP Brakes with Electronic Brake Boost
  • Locking Rear Axel
  • Front Towing Hooks
  • 17" Alloy Wheels & A/T Tyres
  • 17" Alloy Spare Wheel
  • Spare Tyre Lock
  • Interior Trim Pack 15
  • Heavy Duty Terrain Pack
  • Driver Assistance Package
  • Remote Starter

Ford Ranger Tremor v Wildtrak

The big question you'll no doubt be asking yourself is should I get a Tremor or a Wildtrak? Well lets break it down for you. The big difference is what is available in the range. The Tremor is only available as a 2-litre diesel, whereas the Wildtrak gives you the choice of also having a 3-litre V6.

The Tremor interior also only gets the 10-inch screen compared to the Wildtrak's 12-inch version.

Finally, the main difference is the suspensions. The Wildtrak model doesn't get the option of the Bilstein dampers, whereas the Ford Ranger Tremor has those including in the price.

Should I buy one?

If you think you need the additional abilities of the Tremor you probably don't. If you know that the standard Ford Ranger won't quite cut it then maybe the Tremor is right for you.

The key difference is that this is a more capable off-roader, but with a one-tonne payload. If you simply need to cross crazy difficult ground then the Ranger Raptor is the right truck for you. If you need to cross the same crazy ground with stuff... then you'll probably appreciate the additional margin that the Ford Ranger Tremor provides.

It's fine lines, and most people will be fine with a standard Ford Ranger, but the Tremor also carries with it a small cache of exclusivity. It's a connoisseurs choice, in the extensive Ranger line-up.

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Ford Ranger Tremor

Price: £34550- £34550

Power: 203 - 203
Torque: 500 - 500Nm
Payload: 1035 - 1035kg
Volume/Area: -
Loadspace Length Max: - mm
Things We Like:
Extreme off-road potential with new dampers
Things We Like Less:
Not quite the utility vehicle we'd expected
Overall: 8/10

Driving: 9/10
Interior: 8/10
Practicality: 9/10
Value: 8/10
First Published: May 16, 2023
Last Modified: May 16, 2024  
Written by: thevanreviewer

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