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Auto April Fools rated from Isuzu perfume to VW Harlequin lights

April 1, 2024

It's that one day of the year where companies lose their tiny little minds and think that it is funny to announce strange news and jokes on the unsuspecting public. But, the April Fools of the automtive industry aren't usually that smart or even funny.

Here's some of the "amusing" April Fools we've found on the internet today. Thankfully no sensible van manufacturers are involved, but pick-up truck manufacturer Isuzu, the car division of Volkswagen and the truck guys over at Iveco have all joined in with the "fun".

There's also efforts from Honda, Citroen and a really weird one from Scania.

Driven by Isuzu

Inspired by all the sexualised world of perfume television adverts, no nonsense pick-up truck manufacturer Isuzu has created a rather camp mens cologne advert for its April Fool's Day gag. Apparently it comes from "Isuzu UK’s very own perfumer division, House of Isuzu, and captures the essence of the strength and boldness of the 4x4 D-Max".

Verdict: 4/10

Citroen Ami DIY

Citroen went practical with its own attempt at an April Fool. The build it yourself Ami is said to contain over 15,000 parts - which is probably the one thing that gives the game away.

The rest of the idea is bat shit enough that like the Ami itself, you'd think that Citroen might actually follow through with the idea. Especially coming from the company that decided the Citroen Ami Cargo was a good idea, a DIY version is almost too plausible to be a good April Fool, so we can't really decide if that makes it good or bad. Is this the ultimate meta joke?

Verdict: 3/10 (but if they eventually follow through with the joke it's 10/10)

Honda Paw-S

There's big money in the pet market, so this one might not be such a mad idea after all, but the Honda Paw-S device is remote access unlocking for your dog.

Why your canine companion would want to get access to the boot of the car is beyond us, but these things don't have to make sense - they are a joke, after all.

PAW-S, (PAW-sensor) allows your dog to access the car boot, and a plethora of canine-friendly amenities, without owner intervention using Honda’s Pet Activated Wireless System, or PAW-S.

A bespoke PAW-S tag, available in vehicle complementary colours such as Black Pearl and Aqua Topaz, will automatically open your locked car boot when it senses your dog approaching the car. The list of functions is as follows:

  • Automatic unfolding steps, allowing small breeds easy access.
  • Removable ‘accident’ corner, for dogs that may not be able to wait.
  • Paw-activated treat dispenser. 
  • In-built toy, with rope, squeak and chew options.

There's also some other not so daft ideas including ISOFIX for dogs and harness attachments, a recessed spill-proof bowl holder. It's all vaguely believable but also utterly mad.

Verdict: 7/10

Iveco S-Way convertible

Italians love a trip to the beach, so what better way to get there than in a full-sized truck. The Iveco S-Way is the biggest tractor unit in the Iveco range and can pull a trailer at a total weight of 44-tonnes which should be just enough payload for your average Italian family's beachside picnic.

Overall, it's not very original, and it's certainly not even remotely believable, but we'll give them a point for the insanely cheesy rendering.

Verdict: 1/10

Scania Super Trouper

Scania's Super range of engines has been wowing audiences with its incredible fuel efficiency, but in a nod to their Swedish roots their April Fool is the announcement of a Super Trouper version with some Abba inspired jokes like: "It is the truck that drivers will want to drive from A to B and from B to A".

With quotes from Vera Havinnuon, Head of Påhittad Technology and references to Disco Orb lightweight aluminium forged wheels to create a disco ball effect, they've clearly thought about it.

It's an effort that is silly enough without being completely ridiculous and it littered with kitsch Abba references to make you chuckle.

Verdict: 9/10

Volkswagen electrified Harlequin Edition

Volkswagen's famous Harlequin coloured Polo is making a comeback, if you're to believe VW's April Fool's Day joke. Using the new electric ID 3 as the foil for this joke, the Electroluminescent ID.3 Harlequin Edition.

Reminiscent of the old 90s car's green, yellow, red and blue panels, this ID.3 Harlequin’s panels will light up and pulse in response to beats from the car’s sound system.

There's a mention of ChatGPT functionality ticking a box for all the brands jumping on the AI bandwagon. Best of all, the pay off for the joke is delivered in true car press release style with a nod to an online configurator where you need to use the code "JEST 1" from 1 April to view your Harlequin designs.

We'd have preferred it if they'd have used a Volksagen ID Buzz Cargo, but it's a solid effort, even if it is a bit patchy in places.

Verdict: 6/10


If you thought Iveco's efforts were poor, take a look at this one from DAF. Perhaps some credit is due for them actually taking part - although it's testament to the lack of love this received on social media that we only saw it 24 hours after it was posted - but DAF HC wins the prize for the worst attempt at an April Fool this year. Crazy bad photoshop, a pretty thin attempt at humour and just plain odd.

Verdict: 0/10

Written by: thevanreviewer 

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