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Ram ProMaster towing capacity

June 15, 2024

The Ram ProMaster is the North American version of the large Stellantis cargo van with a towing capacity to rival the largest of pick-up trucks.

You may think of it as just being a cargo van, but large vans are capable of towing a lot more than you might think. You can check out how much its rivals can tow with our guides to the other large vans where you'll find the Ford Transit towing capacity and the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter towing capacity.

This, though, is the ultimate guide to the Ram ProMaster towing capacity which as well as telling you how much a Ram ProMaster can tow, will also cover how to tow using a ProMaster cargo van.

This guide is applicable to the current generation of the US/North American Ram ProMaster cargo van, launched in 2008 after the Dodge Sprinter was dropped from the market.

Its essentially the only Ram van that has been on sale, and although the Dodge badge appears on the ProMaster, the cargo van is very different to any of the Dodge badged vans from the past.

Ram Promaster towing capacity overview

The Ram ProMaster cargo van towing capacity depends on the size of the cargo van you have, but to make it simple for you, the ProMaster cargo van range has a capacity from 5100 lbs to 6910lbs for its maximum towing ability.

The total trailer weight rating of the Ram ProMaster depends on which GVWR version you have, the smaller ProMaster 1500 towing capacity is larger than that of its larger siblings the ProMaster 2500 and ProMaster 3500.

We'll break down the individual towing ratings for each of the Ram ProMaster GVWRs in the next sections.

RAM ProMaster 1500 towing capacity van in a body in white with a red and grey livery for Wrap Agency

Ram ProMaster 1500 towing capacity

Although the Ram Promaster 1500 is the smallest cargo van in the line-up, it offers the best towing capacity. This is because the Ram vans are all rated to the same towing maximum but the amount they can tow is determined by their own kerbweight.

The smallest Ram 1500 ProMaster Cargo Low Roof with an 118-inch wheelbase is the smallest model in the range and therefore gets the largest towing capacity of 6,910lbs.

Increasing the wheelbase length from 118-inches to 136-inches adds more weight which reduces the max towing capacity to 6,800lbs. Similarly adding a high roof to the same 136-inch chassis drops the towing capacity another 100lbs to 6,700lbs.

Ram ProMaster 1500Towing Capacity (Lbs)
RAM 1500 PROMASTER Cargo Low Roof 118" Wheelbase6910
RAM 1500 PROMASTER Cargo Low Roof 136" Wheelbase6800
RAM 1500 PROMASTER Cargo High Roof 136" Wheelbase6700

Ram ProMaster 2500 towing capacity

While the higher GVWR number for the Ram ProMaster improves payload, it doesn't have a positive affect on the towing capacity.

That means that the ProMaster 2500 has a very similar max towing ability to the smaller and larger models and is based purely on the wheelbase and therefore kerbweight of the cargo van.

The Ram Promaster 2500 with the largest maximum towing ability is the 136-inch low roof model which has a maxmimum towing capacity of 6,800lbs.

There's a longer wheelbase measuring 159-inches which reduced the towing capacity to 6,480 lbs which is the same whether it is a cargo van or a windowed van - both of which come with high roofs.

All Ram ProMaster 2500s have a GCWR of 12,000 pounds.

Ram ProMaster 2500Towing Capacity (Lbs)
RAM 2500 PROMASTER Cargo Low Roof 136" Wheelbase6800
RAM 2500 PROMASTER Cargo High Roof 136" Wheelbase6700
RAM 2500 PROMASTER Cargo High Roof 159" Wheelbase6480
RAM 2500 PROMASTER Window High Roof 159" Wheelbase6480

Ram ProMaster 3500 towing capacity

You might be thinking that as the biggest van in the range the Ram ProMaster 3500 towing capacity would also be the largest, but that's not the case.

The maximum towing capacity of the Ram ProMaster 3500 is 6,700 for the low roof 136-inch wheelbase model.

All ProMaster 3500 chassis cabs have a towing capacity of 5,100 lbs.

Ram ProMaster 3500Towing Capacity (Lbs)
RAM 3500 PROMASTER Chassis Cab Low Roof 136" Wheelbase5100
RAM 3500 PROMASTER Chassis Cab Low Roof 159" Wheelbase5100
RAM 3500 PROMASTER Chassis Cab Low Roof 159" Wheelbase Extended5100
RAM 3500 PROMASTER Cargo Low Roof 136" Wheelbase6,700
RAM 3500 PROMASTER Cargo High Roof 159" Wheelbase6,600
RAM 3500 PROMASTER Cargo High Roof 159" Wheelbase6,480
RAM 3500 PROMASTER Cargo High Roof 159" Wheelbase Extended OH6,410
RAM 3500 Promaster Window High Roof 159" Wheelbase Extended OH6,410
RAM 3500 PROMASTER Cut-Away Low Roof 136" Wheelbase5,100
RAM 3500 PROMASTER Cut-Away Low Roof 159" Wheelbase5,100
RAM 3500 PROMASTER Cut-Away Low Roof 159" Wheelbase extended5,100

Which Ram ProMaster can tow the most?

That will be the RAM 1500 ProMaster Cargo Low Roof with a 118" Wheelbase 1L11 H1 height. It has a towing capacity of 6910lbs and a GCWR of 12,000lbs.

The next best model for towing is the RAM 1500 ProMaster Cargo Low Roof 136" Wheelbase 1L12 H1 which has a 6,800lbs towing capacity. The RAM 2500 ProMaster Cargo Low Roof 136" Wheelbase 2L12 H1 also has a 6,800 pound towing capacity.

Ram ProMaster cargo van in livery for perosky solar energies for an example of the towing capacity

Where is the Ram ProMaster tow hitch?

As well as knowing how much you can tow, you'll also need to know how to tow it. That's why you need to know where the tow hitch or towing eye is located on the Ram ProMaster.

The towing eye is screwed into the front of the cargo van to give a solid spot from which to tie a rope or chain. This then means that the van can be towed out if stuck.

The Ram ProMaster tow hook is located with the tyre jack which can usually be found under the front passenger seat.

The location for the eye to be screwed into the front bumper of the van is behind a small plastic cover to the side of the numberplate.

Simply pop the cover off and screw the Ram ProMaster towing hitch into the hole untill it is firmly secured.

Remember to remove the towing eye once you have finished towing. It is illegal to leave a towing eye in position as it is a protruding item from the front of the vehicle that could cause serious harm to other road users.

Can the Ram ProMaster tow more than the Mercedes Sprinter?

The two vans are pretty closely matched but the Mercedes Sprinter has a slightly larger towing capacity.

As you've already found out, the Ram ProMaster is capable of towing up to 6910 lbs whereas the Sprinter can tow 7716 lbs.

The Ford Transit can also tow a maximum of 7716 lbs, this is the best towing capacity for a light van.

Who makes Ram ProMaster vans?

The Ram ProMaster is produced by Stellantis, which is a combination of the Fiat-Chrysler brands and PSA Peugeot-Citroen.

The Ram ProMaster is made at the Saltillo van production site in Mexico in the Coahuila region. The area is home to a large amount of automotive production and produces commercial vehicles for Stellantis to export to the United States.

Written by: thevanreviewer 

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