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Fiat e-Doblo review 2022

Overall Rating: 7/10

Fiat is pressing ahead with electrifying its range and the Fiat e-Doblo Cargo is the latest model to get battery power.

The compact Fiat e-Doblò electric van has a range of up to 175 miles and supports rapid charging so it can be charged quickly to 80% in just 30 minutes.

Previously built by Fiat, the Doblo is now a shared platform van. It is based on the small Stellantis vans that includes the Citroen E-Berlingo, Peugeot E-Partner and Vauxhall Combo Electric. It joins a Fiat range that includes other electric models like the Fiat e-Scudo and Fiat e-Ducato.

The new small electric van is largely the same as the other Stellantis ProOne models in terms of motors and batteries. What the Fiat e-Doblo Cargo can offer is a slightly different appearance, different specification levels and improved warranty terms.

There are also features like Magic Mirror and the Magic Cargo Moduwork folding bulkhead with collapsible seat. However, these features are also available on the other Stellantis vans under different names.

What power and range does the Fiat e-Doblo Cargo have?

Power for the Fiat e-Doblo comes from a 100kW motor paired to a 50 kWh battery pack. Top speed is limited to a sensible 80mph to help ensure it still meets the 175 mile claimed range.

DC Charging comes as standard. That means charging can be done via a 100kW charger which is enough to charge the battery to 80% in just 30 minutes. There’s also the possibility of 11kW charging from a suitable wallbox which will take around five hours for a complete charge.

Fiat E-Doblo van parked in front of a building near trees

The e-Doblo has three driving modes: Normal, Eco and Power and has three stages of regenerative braking.

A key feature of the new van is the so-called Magic Plug electrical socket. It runs off the traction battery and is powerful enough to run power tools of 230v or 12v as well as connect other items like a fridge.

Rear view of the electric Doblo van
What is the Fiat e-Doblo range?

The range for the Fiat e-Doblo is 175 miles, according to the WLTP test cycle. That's for a van with a 50kWh battery pack.

How much storage space is in the Doblo?

The e-Doblo has a maximum load length of up to 3.44m thanks to a the Magic Cargo load-through bulkhead system. The bulkhead folds and the front seat collapses to increase the maximum usable length by 50mm in the short wheelbase van and by 1.2m in the long wheelbase models. It also boosts load volume by 0.5m3.

Electric Doblo with rear sliding door open parked outside a building called Pinley House

What is the Fiat e-Doblo load volume and payload?

There are two different sized versions of the Fiat e-Doblo available which are reffered to as L1 or L2 vans. These are short or long-wheelbase models.

The Fiat e-Doblo Cargo has a 3.3m3 load volume for the standard van which increases to 3.9m3 for the long wheelbase model. With the use of the Magic Cargo bulkhead the maximum load volume for the short-wheelbase van is 3.8m3 and 4.4m4 for the long-wheelbase E-Doblo.

The Fiat e-Doblo has a maximum payload of 800kg across all models.

How many versions of the e-Doblo Cargo are there?

The Fiat e-Doblo Cargo is available in a choice of two trims. There's the entry-level Business model and the more premium, err, Primo.

There's very little difference between the two, with the exception of Primo models getting an 8-inch touchscreen as standard, and a Comfort driver seat with lumbar support.

What's it like on the inside?

The e-Doblo is much like its siblings on the inside. It's a smart and well thought out cabin with an assortment of storage points and nifty tech features.

The centrepiece is the 8-inch infotainment screen that has a colour touchscreen display. It also allows Apple CarPlay and Android Auto smartphone integration. On the higher specification of the two available trim levels, it also comes with sat-nav, but even the entry-level models gets the touchscreen as standard.

There's also a multi-function steering wheel to control the infortainment, telephone and driver displays ahead of you. There's the option of a head-up display as well.

The Magic Mirror replaces the rearview mirror, giving a view of what is happening behind the van. For the first time in a Doblo there is now also the option to have a front bench seat giving you space for three people in a van.

What other options are there?

That's a good question because the Fiat e-Doblo comes with plenty of add-ons many of which can be had through customised bundles. There option packs give added value to the stanard items in each of the trim levels - although there is a lot of crossover.

Option packs include: Visibility Pack, Icon Pack, Assit Pack, Comfort Drive Assist Pack, Techno Pack, Worksite Pack and Freight Pack.

The Worksite pack includes additional ground clearance for the e-Dolbo to help it traverse bumpier ground, as well as adding grip control. The Freight Pack enhances some of the features in the rear loadspace, while the Assist Pack gives you more of the safety features.

There are a total of 17 safety features available on the Fiat e-Doblo van covering driver and pedestrain safety.

E-Doblò Van Short WheelbaseE-Doblò Van Long Wheelbase Doblò Crew
External Length4403mm4753mm4753mm
External height (m)  from 1.80 to 1.86  from 1.80 to 1.86  from 1.80 to 1.86  
Load volume (m³) without/with Magic Cargo  from 3.3 to 3.8  from 3.9 to 4.4  from 3.5 to 4  
Load compartment:
maximum length (m)
without/with long items opening
from 1.8 to 3.1  from 2.2 to 3.4  from 2.2 to 3.4  
Load compartment:
maximum height (m)
1270  1270  1270  
Load compartment:
width of rear door (m)
Load compartment: PPT (kg)800kg  800kg  800kg  

Is the Fiat e-Doblo any good to drive?

Small electric vans are always entertaining on the road. There's plenty of instant power and torque and the e-Doblo has a good amount for such a small van.

There are three power mode settings from the electric motor. Eco mode gives you 190Nm of torque, Normal has 210Nm and Power the full 260Nm. It's more than enough for a little van and the e-Doblo is very capable in the city or on a main road or motorway.

There's little in the way of wind noise - something electric vans are plagued by. And the road noise is also very moderate too. You will get more noise from the rear if yo have a mesh bulkhead, but on the whole the van is pretty quiet and a pleasant place to be.

The ride comfort is good with a slightly firm ride adding to its almost sporty feel. The steering is sharp and you get a lot of feedback from the road.

Electric Fiat Doblo van on the road with a dark cloud in the background

What about servicing?

The Fiat e-Doblo Cargo requires a service every two years or every 25,000 miles. Whichever comes sooner. It's also recommended that is gets a check every 12,500 miles.

Although there's less in the way of serviceable parts on an electric van, there's still a very similar schedule to the servicing on a diesel van. That means, although you'll probably save on items like brake pads, as the regenerative braking takes care of a lot of the braking, you'll still have to fork out for the usual amounts of servicing.

Should I buy a Fiat e-Doblo?

With so many versions of the small electric van coming out of the same factory. The Fiat e-Doblo cargo van is made at the Vigo plant in Portugal. It's hard to choose between the bunch.

The e-Doblo, however, has a bit of a trump card to play which is that Fiat backs up all of its vans with a five year warranty. That makes the e-Doblo stand out compared to the others.

The start price isn't cheap, though.

What is the Fiat e-Doblo price?

At launch the Fiat e-Doblo cost a princely £27,855 which is the price after the available UK plug-in van electric grant scheme discount from the government.


The small electric van market is becoming really competitive but the Fiat e-Doblo is made from one of the best in the segment.

Crossover between each of the brands in the Stellantis family does make it a little bit of a copycat van, but it has its positives.

The unique styling is particularly strong, and the new bold Fiat badge is a nice touch. There's a high level of standard trim to make it decent value for money and option packs give flexibility.

The real USP is the warranty though. It could be the make or break difference for effortless trouble free ownership.

Fiat e-Doblo

Price: £27855- £35000

Power: 97 - 97
Torque: 190 - 260Nm
Payload: 800 - 1000kg
Volume/Area: 3.3 - 4.4
Loadspace Length Max: 1800 - 3400mm
Things We Like:
Good warranty and support Excellent safety systems High spec on standard trim vans
Things We Like Less:
Pretty boring interior plastics Pack options are confusing with all the crossover
Overall: 7/10

Driving: 8/10
Interior: 6/10
Practicality: 7/10
Value: 7/10
First Published: November 1, 2022
Last Modified: April 6, 2024  
Written by: thevanreviewer

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