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Ford Ranger Stormtrak review 2020

Overall Rating: 9/10

The Ford Ranger Stormtrak is part of a long and successful line of upscaled pick-up trucks launched by Ford and based on the Wildtrak.

Following special editions like the Ranger Wildtrak X which got special Ford Performance blue paint, and the Ranger Thunder in Sea Gray metallic with dark trim, the Ford Ranger Stormtrak is another largely cosmetic value-added iteration of the supremely popular Wildtrak trim.

Released at the same time as the work-ready Ford Ranger Wolftrak edition, the Ranger Stormtrak is a full-on lifestyle pick-up offering a touch more style, personalisation and panache than the Wildtrak.

Ford Ranger Stormtrak cornering

How is the Ranger Stormtrak different to a Thunder?

The most obvious change is the red surround to the sides of the blacked-out grille. A defining feature of the Thunder models, the Ranger Stormtrak has also adopted the red trim but adds to it with matt black stripes on the bonnet. Stormtrak also gets black 18-inch alloy wheels and Ebony black mirrors, handles and vents. There’s also a black rear bumper, skid plates and sports bar roll-over hoop on the load area.

The key difference between Stormtrak and Thunder models are the bonnet stripes and the range of unique colour options that the Thunder didn’t get. There’s Frozen White, along with a Blue Lightning (not to be confused with the Performance Blue on the Wildtrak X) and the signature Rapid Red. White is standard, Blue is a £600 option and Red is £720.

Stormtrak badging can be found everywhere on the truck, and is mostly black and red. There’s a noticeable 3D Stormtrak badge on the tailgate, as well as on the doors, seats and dash.

Ford Ranger Stormtrak front end with grille with red details

What’s the Ford Ranger Stormtrak like on the inside?

The inside of the Ford Ranger Stormtrak is pretty much standard Wildtrak trim. That also makes it almost the same as the Thunder. The obvious difference being that the seats, part-leather, have Stormtrak branding. The orange stitching of the Wildtrak is also replaced with red on the seats, dash and steering wheel.

An 8-inch touchscreen with Ford’s SYNC 3 system that includes sat-nav and smartphone mirroring is centred in the dash. That means you can use Apple CarPlay or Android Auto with the Ford Ranger Stormtrak. The seats are comfortable and highly ergonomic thanks to eight-way electric adjustment. The steering wheel can also be adjusted in all directions.

Other features include front and rear parking sensors and there’s a rear-view camera. Automatic headlights, automatic wipers and automatic dual air-conditioning bump up the luxuries. A nice feature is the cooled storage compartment in the centre console. There’s small storage tray on the top and a large cooling compartment below using the air conditioning.

Are there any extras, or does it have everything already?

Amazingly, yes! Despite being a really well equipped truck, there are still a few extras you can specify. The Driver Assistance Pack (a hefty £1,380) includes adaptive cruise, automatic main beam assistance and self-parking. There’s also a Trailer Tow pack (£480) which adds a ball hitch and electrical supply. Another nice to have feature is the Cargo Management System (£120), which adds four hooks on each side of the cargo area. It’s an expensive option for what it is, but it does help with tying items down.

Does it have any more power than a Wildtrak?

Sadly not. The Ranger Stormtrak is no more powerful than a Wildtrak, a Wildtrak X or a Thunder. It’s does however have plenty of power.

It uses the same 2-litre EcoBlue engine you’ll find in all of Ford’s Rangers. The Stormtrak has the most powerful output, though, with 210hp and 500Nm of torque. It’s paired to a 10-speed automatic transmission – one of the best in the business – which you’ll also find in the Ford Ranger Raptor and Ford Transit.

What’s it like to drive?

The power is plentiful, and the 2-litre engine is nicely refined. Whether running light or fully laden, the Ford Ranger Stormtrak feels potent thanks to the 210hp. The gearbox is smooth with slick changes, although at times it can stall and stutter when really pressing on. There’s also a few big shunts and clunks when cold but it soon mellows.

Comfort levels are particularly good. The multi-link front suspension is compliant and communicative, while the leaf-sprung rear is practical without being harsh. Remember this truck can carry more than one-tonne in the rear, so the suspension is tough. Yet, it’s not overly firm. There’s a a noticeable difference between the magic carpet smoothness of a Ranger Raptor but this is still a commercial vehicle, unlike the Raptor.

You’ll still find a degree of judder in the ride on a poor-quality road. The ride can also become unsettled by large bumps or big potholes. But it’s the best riding pick-up in the segment and delivers on driver enjoyment and passenger comfort.

How about off-road?

The Ranger is one of the best pick-ups off-road you can get. It’s a proper all-rounder when you compare it like-for-like with the Toyota Hilux and Isuzu D-Max. These two vehicles are the main competition at the time of writing after big players like Nissan and Mitsubishi left the segment.

That’s left the Ranger with a pretty easy task of mopping up their market share, and rightly so. Especially when it comes to going off off-road. The Ranger is effortlessly easy to drive on any surface. There’s selectable four-wheel drive through a dial in the centre console, and also a locking differential.

But it’s the traction control systems and the auto gearbox that really let you conquer the rough stuff. If you’re a beginner at going off-road the Ranger gives you confidence. If you’re an expert, it lets you tackle almost anything knowing that this truck can overcome it.

The Ford Ranger Stormtrak has all the same off-road functionality, ability and prowess that the standard Ranger does. It just does it in more comfort and with nice things like heated seats at your disposal.

Ford Ranger Stormtrak wading through some shallow water

What about safety features?

Ford has been packing its vehicles with safety equipment for years and the Ranger Stormtrak is no different. There’s tyre pressure monitoring, as well as lane keeping assist and traffic sign recognition. There’s also a collision mitigation system that warns you of a potential crash and takes steps when it needs to to prevent it. The Wildtrak Driver Assistance Pack (£1100) adds the active park assist function, adaptive cruise control, driver alert and automatic high beam headlights.

The adaptive cruise control (ACC) is one the better systems available in a commercial vehicle or pick-up because it has several stages. There are four distances, and the controls are conveniently located on the multi-function steering wheel. A small display on the driver’s console also gives you a clue as to how far ahead a vehicle is. This gives you time to either disengage the system if you want to prevent the vehicle braking to maintain distance, or allows you to check for space and indicate before overtaking. It sounds simple, but many other systems simply just throw on the anchors when they see a slower moving object.

How useful is the loadspace of the Ford Ranger Stormtrak?

The Stormtrak is a full-size one-tonne pick-up, so there’s plenty of useable space. Ford also sells the Ranger in single cab which gives you a larger rear, but the Stormtrak is only available as a double cab.

That gives you a payload of just over one tonne. The Ford Ranger Stormtrak has a maximum load length of 1,575mm and width of 1,560mm (1,139mm between the wheel arches).

Stormtrak also gets a Power Roller Shutter load bed which is a costly option for the Wildtrak. It’s operated via either a key fob or with buttons in the load bed or on the dash.

Ford Ranger Stormtrak rear load area with electric roller shutter and cargo divider
As well as an electric roller shutter, the Ford Ranger Stormtrak has an optional cargo divider available as an accesory

Should I buy a Ford Ranger Stormtrak?

This is the pinnacle of the current Ranger line-up. While the several special editions and high-spec trucks that have come before it have been good, the Stormtrak is the one that gives you the most bang for you buck.

It’s a Wildtrak with even more kit. It’s a Wildtrak with better looks. And… It’s also more exclusive than a Wildtrak.

If you can find one, the Ford Ranger Stormtrak is the maxed-out Ranger you’ll want whether you’re using it as a working tool, a lifestyle runabout, or a bit of both.

Ford Ranger Stormtrak badge

Ford Ranger Stormtrak

Price: £35000- £40000

Power: 210 - 210
Torque: 500 - 500Nm
Payload: 1040 - 1080kg
Volume/Area: -
Loadspace Length Max: 1575 - 1575mm
Things We Like:
Added value and different looks to a standard high-spec Wildtrak
Things We Like Less:
Bonnet stripes aren't for everyone, but we're really clutching at straws with that
Overall: 9/10

Driving: 9/10
Interior: 9/10
Practicality: 9/10
Value: 10/10
First Published: January 14, 2023
Last Modified: March 3, 2023  
Written by: thevanreviewer

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